Butt Prop-anyone think it helpt,BFP'S?

did anyone do this after sex,with cusion under bum! ? did it work? and how did you raise legs for? or is it a myth

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  • I do this! LOL its meant to keep the swimmers closer to the cervix for longer. I lie like that for 20mins or so. I've only been trying for a month but other peps have got their BFP's doing this.xxx
  • I've been doing it this month too!! Fingers crossed it works! I put my legs up against the wall but only for about 10 minutes.. x
  • ooh really. well i have been doing it and sometimes just laying for bit,but not legs up. tried legs up with cushion under for roughly 10-15 mins. i raed about putting cushion under whilst bd,but that would just get in my way!!!:lol:
  • We always try to bd at bed time so there's no need to get up or have a shower or anything!! Anythings worth a try and putting your legs up def keeps more in! x
  • yeah we do,although we have had bd before i went to work as was one of fertile days! hee hee.
  • i put my legs up the wall above the bed afterwards or over the back of the sofa depending on where we were lol. i'm now 9 weeks so think it worked for us
  • We did this and got BFP first cycle off pill!! No realy proof it helped but I like to think it did!!!
    I used to put 2 pillows under my bum for as long as poss after bd - usually 30 mins. On the couple of days when I suspected I was ov put my legs up on wall as well for maximum gravity effect LOL!!!
  • To be honest I rest on all fours with my arms bent so to tilt me downwards. I read somewhere that if you have a tilted womb that its better to lie on your stomach after BD. So what I do is stay on all fours tilted for about ten mins, then lie on my tummy for about ten mins and then just incase I should be on my back I lie with my bum on a pillow under my bum for about ten minutes then I go to sleep on my back!!

    Just tried this this month so I'll let youknow on Wed 21st if its worked!!!

  • ive been doing it this month n im late!!!! guna test tuesday i think!!! due 2 mc in march im terrified of a bfp (even tho i want 1 badly) i no it sounds wierd but i am!!!!
  • on all fours,mm may try that. i usally just put legs up on wall for 15 mins or so,mmmmm
  • With lo I put bum on pillows and rang my sister in Canada(I was a bit p*ssed!!).Tried bum elevation on pillows twice this time, but third attempt I did all fours and face on bed-it was much comfier than I thought it would be!!!!!!!!!Wont know if it worked til 20th!xx
  • I did this - don't know if it helped achieve my BFP but it can't have hurt!

  • sorry to gate crash from baby forum, but we did this and im deffo sure thats how we got pregnant...I still remember laying there with my hands pushing my bum and legs up in the air very very funny looking back now! good luck xxx
  • ha ha,the things we do
  • well i told my hubbie loads of us do this,as i think he thought i was nutts!
  • Do you know what I havent done this for ages, prob why on month 7, think ill start doing that again and maybe try it on all fours. x
  • I do this - hubby makes me!!! He times it to an exact 20-mins as well and has said if we're not PG this month, he's going to extend it to 30-mins!!!!!!!!! LOL

    I prefer it when I can lie on our sofa, its more comfy and squidy than our bed!!!

  • Well done SB, I can't time it right with just me and a syringe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i dint do this last time,and was pregnant.
    but i am doing this for abput 10-15,just to say i have done it i guess.
  • I do prop myself on 2 pillows. OH thinks it's funny, hands me a book! xx


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