cd31 and still no af....

so i tried my last test this morning - it was my cbd.

after last month where i had about 9 vvvvv faintlines the cbd said what i wanted, so i thought just use it.... i was due on wed and i think we bd at the right times (much more this month really) so i thought we stood at least half a chance.....

i said id wait till fri and i managed to wait till today, I peed on it and waited, and waited, and waited.

after three whole frustrating minutes it came up with "not pregnant" :cry:

so now i have no tests left, no money till payday on wed, and the feeling that af is def on her way.

I'm gonna hide my head in the sand and just go to work and wait until she does show. If maybe shes not here by next friday i might start to think we have a chance again for this month.

I so really want it to happen coz if it did i'd be due on the 1st jan!

at least if it doesnt happen I can have a drink at ollies christening on the 11th may.

anyhoo, big congrats to all those ladies who got their BFPs this month, each one of you deserves it, and i hope you have a hapy and healthy, and relaxing 9 months.
sending you lots of sticky baby dust.



  • oh hun hang in there it will happen. Sending you lots of pma and babydust. Good luck with ollies christening and take care
    Filo x
  • Hi Stephe. Fingers crossed for you.
    I came off the pill the end of March, ttc through April. Have reached cd 30, then had a very small bleed. No af pain or anything yet, which I do suffer from. No bleeding today which is supposed to be cd2.
    Just a little confused, had done pg test a few days ago which was bfn. But was still before af was really due, and didn't know when that was, as pill messes you up!
    I'm waiting to see if there's more bleeding. If not, will test again.
    Had a funny panicky feeling this morning, and then felt like I was going to throw up, but didn't. Went away so quickly. One dizzy spell over the last cople of weeks. Both things I've nevere suffered from before. So sending you sticky baby dust too, but keeping some for myself! xx
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