What to think??

Hi everyone,
This is my first post on the forum although i have been lurking for a while.
This is our 2nd month actively TTC but no contraception since June so leaving things to chance since then.
Anyway 1st month +ve clear blue ov test on CD19, AF on CD32.
This month using CBFM no peaks just highs from CD14 to CD24- 11 of them!! Now on CD31 and beginning to think I am mad.
Have had sore boobs for 5 days,slight nausea if i think of food but OK eating it, serious AF cramps but too soon really (usually only get them they day she arrives) and she's not due for 2 days.
So question is am i mad to think i might be without having ovulated??
Should i test or just wait???
Please advise a dopy newcomer:roll:


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