I have heard that reflexology can be good for TTC. Just wondering if anyone has tried this or heard the same? Im thinking of booking an appointment for next week...



  • I have heard this too. I would love to give reflexology a go as I love people touching my feet and OH won't go near them!
  • Steph iam glad u asked this as i was too was looking for people who specilise in reflexology to try and help people concive only today! Was gonna book one then though no ill wait a bit. So if anyone has any stories please share! xx
  • I would recommend reflexology with out a doubt,it is one of the most relaxing things that you will have done!!
    I started having reflexology around March time,it wasn't specifically to help with ttc,just to have a bit of me time and switch off,anyway i came off the pill in April and got my bfp on Sunday!!
    I'd say go for it,you'll love it!xx
  • 2ZE - Same DH doesnt like feet....

    Clarkie - How spooky we really are in the same boat lol

    Nikr - Right i am defiantly going to go next week, just hope she has an appointment free now! Can i ask how often you went?


  • I had it every 2 weeks,they do say every week is best but it does get very expensive! I paid ??25 for an hour,the best ??25 i've spent in ages!!
  • I recommend it also, I am having it at the minute and it's great, it really helps you to relax. I started last July but we have had fertility problems so taking a little longer.

    I pay ??25 session also

  • Steph we really are! when i read your posts its like ur writing what im thinking spooky! Im gonna book some reflexology now! You should too! xx
  • I used it to help induce labour and it most def worked. The lady said it's very good to help TTC as she can help balance hormones with it.

    Good luck! x
  • ha-ha how spooky..... right, i have emailed the lady to see if she can fit me in wednesday or thursday next week, fingers crossed she has an appt....
    Feeling really positive now! Im sure it wont last lol.

    Be strong tonight and dont let you OH talk you in to POAS ;\)

  • Iam gonna try to be, I dont think iam anyway seen to many bfn. But do feel so sick im gonna see a doctor about it tmw, maybe he can find out whats going on. Im gonna book some reflexology too, think it may help. xx
  • all booked in for wednesday 23rd at 6pm! Fingers crossed this will do the trick image

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