Am so worried

Hey guys, have been trying not to symptom spot but its not working!

Am worried however as me and hubby were talking the other day and he is really freting about finances saying if i got bfp now he doesn't think we'd be able to manage. Not sure how to feel cos i really want to be pg but i know what he means - money is really tight at mo.

I know 'we'd manage' if i was pg (and i have been spotting some symptoms!) but it'd be really stressful and not sure if hubby would be as pleased as me.

If af arrives this month then i think its back to 'raincoats' when bd-ing for the time being! If not however, will be secretly exstatic!

Just needed to talk to someone about this - no one knows we have been ttc!


  • It's tough but there will always be a reason thats it's 'not the right time'. We kept putting if off but in the end the baby is the most important thing and there will always be a way!! We could have worried about money forever but I just turned 30 and thought god we'd better get on with things before I shrivel up!!
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