I used to be ...

a perfectly rational woman and then we started trying !

after 18 years on the pill I had forgotten about the hormones ! on the postive side I dont think I have ever been more in tune (or even interested) in my monthly cycle

Its our first month and AF is due next Saturday - I need to make an oscar winning performance for my husband of not being disappointed if she arrives - he keeps saying its only our first month so you shouldnt be disappointed and I keep agreeing ! why ? I will be gutted

thinking about it I turned into a bridezilla so its no surprise that I am now a TTCzilla

I hope I am not the only one !


  • Your defo not the only one hun...i was the same but after 7 months ( which i know isn;t really that long!) iv started to just think what will be will be, so im not stressing anymore and taking it easy.
    I think everyone has their limits when ttc and once youv hit it you take things easier!!!
    Good luck and lots of baby dust xxxxx
  • thank you !
    keep telling myself that its very unlikely to happen first month and in some ways once this month is over think I will be a bit better
    I also need to get used to my body again - everything is a bit new (which is ridiculous for a woman of 35!)
    I hope its your time soon xx
  • TTCzilla - love it!!
    Isn't that what this forum is for? TTCzillas?
    Totally with you.
    Baby dust :::::::::::
  • Micmac your post made me smile, I am just the same. As soon as we started ttc I was obsessed!! I think I too am a TTCzilla - love it! Good luck for this month and fingers crossed it is a first month BFP xxx
  • You never know micmac some women do fall in the first month, lets hope your one of them!
    Good luck and as easy as it is to say try to relax...but i know its not that easy when it something youv wanted for so long.

  • Welcome to ttc and good luck, I hope you're one of the lucky ones and fall super quick! x
  • Micmac I'm a bit of a monster too! I'm sure I'm freaking the OH out a bit with all my TTC gadgets!

    MissusG...LOVE your Superted pic! Haha!

  • this topic should be called "ttczillas!" i think we all are now!! image
  • Defo with you on the TTCzilla state!
  • I'm with you! My DH was like 'did you really expect to fall the first month? It can take years' and I was like erm no I suppose not but on the inside I'm thinking ewell yes I did think I would fall the first month because I need an excuse to be fat when we go away with my super skinny sis in laws! I'm still no better at not being disappointed!
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