Am bit gutted coz i was sure i had symptons. Am 9 dpo today and would thought it would have shown up if i was? x


  • you're not out until AF shows up, xx keep the faith
  • it was some early pregnancy testing strips from ebay. Just dont think im pregnant this time. Thought i have symptons, cramps, tiredness, pains in my boobs. Not due on til weds but think ill be late anyway coz this is my first cycle off the pill x
  • Hey,

    It is still early so maybe test in a few days. But just to warn you when I came off pill I was convinced I was pg as had so many 'symptoms' but turns out it was just my body reacting to the hormone change from coming off pill. Lots of people get a regular cycle straight after pill and also lots of people do fall pg in the first month off the pill so try to test on Wed maybe?
  • hey kernow, im thinking it is just coz i came off the pill. I done it before last nov and my af was two weeks late and of course i wasnt pregnant. Not a big deal if im not as ive just started a new job so wanna settle in there first!! xx
  • There's still time and it is probably worth testing again in a few days. I came off pill in Jan and have not had a single af yet. I'm on CD99 today!!! But I think that is definately the exception!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you anyway!! xx
  • its not over hun until af is here!x
  • I was just gonna say that it aint over till the AF sings! Thats what I always rely on. :\)

  • oh well ill wait and see if it appears next week! We wanna rent somewhere now so am not too worried if it hasnt happened this month xx
  • hope u tested to early n u get ur bfp x
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