BFN, but a little hope

Well the witch got me this morning & the blues have been getting worse all day....Can't believe how not getting that little bean hurts so much. Even though we didnt try very hard this month, I felt so different but it just wasnt to be. :cry:

Just feel like a little sulk today, but I think I might get my PMA back soon.

Thinking of reading up on the SMEP some people have been talking about, I'm charting my temps & using an OPK so hopefully this month is our month!!!

Also I think I've been counting my days wrong...I always counted the day my AF arrives as the last day of my previous cycle *&* the 1st day of my new one, but my Fertility Friend didnt so I'm actually on a 28 day cycle not a 29 cycle which means I've been checking my OPK on the wrong day :\?

So by the looks of it...Month 8 will be the 1st month of calculating it right...

God I feel stupid...this whole thing is so confusing!!!
x x


  • I'm just starting out and I naively thought all I had to do was the BD and do it often - all this counting and measuring seems complicated and seems to take a lot of the fun out of the whole experience. I'm guessing I have a lot to learn! lol
  • Ah hun, you're not stupid it is confusing. We are gonna follow smep, use opks and sasmar conceive plus this month and hopefully we will both get our pma back and then we will get our bfp's ready for valentines day xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Fingers crossed for next month and we are SMEPing this month, its quite hard and involves alot of Bding but because I have a long cycle we never started on CD6 as just no point when am not due OV till later on.

    Good luck hun, fingers crossed for next month x
  • Thanks girls, its so nice to have this support!!

    I would love to have a BFP for valentines day as that would be CD28 image

    I'm also going to make hubby watch The Great Sperm Race with me & then he might understand a bit more about the very small window we have!

    Just been reading about SMEP...sound like a lot of BD'ing but I'm up for it if it gives me my little sticky bean...image The one I read said start on CD8 is there another one? xx

    P.S. Lots of Baby Dust to you girls too! xx
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