Hello Ladies...its been a while :\)

A huge hello to members old and new! I havnt been on here for a good six months-its lovely to be back!

Quick intro-started ttc Jan 09 (its been a long bloody year!) periods were all over the place after being on Microgynon 30 for 7 years. Had my very first BFP in June 09 but sadly miscarried at 5 weeks. Took a long break from ttc as started to get a bit down (and obsessive!) about it all! Went to my docs in Oct 09 with terrible back pain and a few other issues-they referred me to a lovely gynocologist that recently performed a laparoscopy. I have mild but inactive endomitriosis (sp?!)

Sooo....im back! and not ready to move over to ltttc just yet as I feel I have only just started! I hope you are all well and I hope I can offer some support to everybody. Thankyou for reading-no need to reply, just wanted to re-introduce myself before I started posting again image

Babydust to you all-2010 is our year!



  • welcome back chick xx
  • Thankyou Grudie! I especially hope you get your bfp soon chick-youve been waiting long enough.
    x x
  • aye a ken but i can wait a bit longer i suppose :roll: :lol:

    great believer in whats meant for you wont go by you x
  • Absolutley! Thats exactly what I keep thinking-and your right a little longer waiting wont hurt!

    I noticed in another post your taking a relaxed approach to ttc 2010-well me too. Lets hope we both get some good news within the next few months. x
  • Hi GlitterGirl,

    Nice to meet you. Sorry to hear of your mc.
  • yes chick i think 20 months and nothing wasnt doing us favours so ive not used cbfm in months was feeling very blue for a while and not myself at all but hopefully thats all changing x
  • Hi Minifig! Nice to meet you too! x
  • Hi GlitterGirl nice to meet you, I wasnt on here last time you were around so sorry to hear about your mc and hope you get your BFP soon hun.

    Look forward to getting to know you better xx
  • Me too Grudie-gave up my CBFM and all of the tablets, agnus castus etc. Was fed up of thinking of ttc all of the time! Its a lot easier now in a way-its been 12/13 months for me and im a hell of a lot more chilled about it-i cant even remember when I last tested for ov or pg! I save a lot more money that way-lol! x

    Hey Sparkling Diamond! Nice to meet you too-im sure we will be chatting more in the future! x
  • Hi and welcome back. Hope you are not here for long.
  • hiya, welcome back hun, hope ur stay is short and sweet xxxx
  • Hi hun, wasn't here when you were last on, but *waves* Hi and good luck! xxx
  • Thanks ladies!-this forum is still very warm and welcoming!

    Hope to be chatting to you all soon!


  • Hello and wekcome back image image

    Hope your not here long :lol: and you get that BFP very soon :lol:

    Gems xxxxxx
  • Hi Gembags! I hope I'm not here too long too! In the nicest possible way of course! x x
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