Sore inner thighs??!!

Hiya girls,

Need some advice.

My af started spotting on Monday morning - a day early and then went a wee tad heavier in the afternoon so Tuesday is my Day 1 on the monitor. My af finished on Thursday and i was totally clear even when i checked my CM. Then i started this morning again with brown blood. I decided to check my cervical position and it was soooo soft and a bit high!! Have no idea what is going on!! Do you?

Another thing - the inside of my thighs feel really sore like i have been horse riding for hours - nothing may I add to do with BD - haven't since last ov!! The muscles feel sore but it just developed over yesterday afternoon and now today i am walking like John Wayne!!!

Any suggestions anyone??!! Please!!

Love Em


  • Can't help you with the sore thighs but I have a similar thing with AF on reasonably heavy for a couple of days then nothing then brownish. Last month only had a very light 2 day.
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