Is it insane that I.... not anywhere near pregnant yet but I have picked a pram, highchair and I'm already thinking of nursery decoration?? I am sooo broody, its distracting, I blame my hormones :roll:


  • I don't think its strange, I think its perfectly normal to be excited. I too have everything picked and spend many an evening flicking through the mothercare and mama and papas catalogues and websites. I've even had the occasional trip to Mothercare. I also drive my OH daft reading pram reviews!
  • hehehehee whispers *me too* but h2b dont know that, he alreday thinks im mad! lol, so ur not insane lol xxxxxxxx
  • yes your a total weirdo :lol:

    nah only kidding you,ive looked at prams and thats it weve more talked about names lol think i have a jist of what i want with everything tho image
  • I'm not pregnant yet, but my cousin was selling some of his daughters equipment off as she's about 6months old now and has grown out of a lot of stuff. So far I have.....

    A travel system (slightly ripped but fine for keeping at mums)
    An activity gym
    A sling
    A baby swing
    A travel cot

    Lol. Now who's insane! I spent about ??150 on all that though so it was a good bargain.
  • lol, I am a total weirdo. I also flick through the catalogues most nights and own 8 baby/pregnancy books! Hubby thinks I'm losing the plot. I've been like this from BEFORE we got married.

    Mrs Dawson, reading your post I feel normal image I need a hobby, I'll maybe take up knitting..... baby blanket anyone?
  • haha i have loads of blankets from when Lennon was little,no cardies tho :lol:
  • okay I'll knit you a cardi then, but one sleeve might be shorter than the other image
  • haha i was waiting for you to say you cant do sleeves so a knitted body warmer :lol:

  • i too am insane!!!! Lol have most things picked out already and can't wait to go shopping!

    Lol it's normal honest
  • Haha Mrs Fancy Shoes - I'll have a blanket - I can sit there and try and replicate it when I take up knitting (which I've been talking about taking up for around a year!)
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