Side effects of Agnus Castus????

hey girls, has anyone suffered from side effects while taking AC?
i took it when i first came off the pill couple of mths ago, at the same time suffered with bad headaches and nausea, i put this down to coming off the pill, well anyway i had a mth off ttc as changed jobs so tried to relax totally and didn't take anything except vits & FA, was totally fine not one sore head the whole mth. Started taking AC again on sunday as AF finally put in an appearance and today i have been struck down with the same sore head and nausea!!
so thinking i may have to steer clear of AC even though i was hoping it would help reduce length of cycle as still really long last one 41 days!!

really just wondered what everyone thinks? fluke or linked??


  • I wasn't hugely interested in sex when I was taking AC - stopped taking it and libido has come back to normal, again, coincidence or not?

    Not sure if there is any alternative....
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