Just started my 2ww ;-)

Hi Ladies,

Well, I OV'd either yesterday or today so I'm starting my 2ww, although my Leutal Phase was 19 days last cycle, so nearly a 3ww, lol!

Have been following the SMEP plan, using Preseed and drinking lots of Grapefruit Juice, so really hope it's my month.

Babydust to you all :\)


  • Good Luck Hope its your month x 2010 bfp xxx
  • Thanks Gems, hope you have a lovely xmas and that 2010 is your year for a BFP too xx
  • im 2dpo hun so with you all the way my lp is 16-17days so a bit of a wait for me too. ive didthe same as you, smep & grapefruit juice, heres hoping its good news for us both.xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi donnat2004,

    I am also going to join you soon, as i got my first peak today with my cbfm. So loads and loads of bedding over xmas, although hubby is winging that he is tired tonight. So will try and seduce him:lol:
  • Hi, I'm dpo2 today so we can all go through it together. My lp varies from 10 to 15 days.
    Good luck ladies-what better way to brighten up a dismal january than a bfp?
  • The wait is the worst... im 5 dpo and had some signs last 2 days but not getting my hopes up
  • Does grapefruit juice help?? Haven't heard of that one
  • Its to increase your ewcm.
  • Hi ladis - i'm joining too if that's ok.

    Im on CD29, 5dpo.

    I got my first 'peak' on cbfm this time too so v.excited.

    my boobs have started to feel a little sensitive today but no where near as heavy feeling or sentsitive/sore as they get to be - oh the joys!

    fingers crossed for everyone.

  • hi girls, how is everyone. im ff says im 3dpo today but personally i think im 4dpo.xxx
  • Hi girls, I'm 2 DPO and my nipples are feeling sensitive and my boobs hurt last night. Also had an odd stretching/pulling feeling 'down below'. Trying hard not to SS!! xx
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