talk about fall down with a bang :(

OMG IM sooooooo p*ssed off now, after getting all excited about my new saliva OV test & OPK's all positive I've just been hit by a train!!!! To give you an idea of how long they are, Im on day bloody 60 of my cycle got my +ve today for OV so delighted - until i realised Im going to England early tomorrow morning for 5 frickin days Aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhh SO UNFAIR !!!!!!! :x:x:x:x



  • BOOOO! That is so sucky! Can you BD tonight? Sperm is supposed to live for up to 7 days, so you could be lucky?!
  • Oh hun, what a pain!
    Where are you if you are not already in UK?
    Bring a hat, scarf and gloves - lots of snow here xxx
  • Hi girls,

    yea sucky is right :lol:

    we BD last night well about 3am! & sure will have another shot (scuse the pun image) tonight & who knows maybe again early before i leave.

    We are in Ireland, bloody freezing here too supposed to go to -10 tonight so i heard this morning image, had a lovely white xmas but all the snow is gone now. Going over to see my rellies (Im a brit) in the Northwest we by the coast & rarely get snow there cause of the salt in the air but might be lucky image

  • It is snowing EVERYWHERE in england atm. When i lived in ireland it never bloody snowed lol.

    Do some major BDing tonight and get those legs up in the air, some women have got their BFP by doing a handstand. If you do all this you will have sperm inside you and fingers crossed it will meet that egg!!!! x
  • Ah poor you image At least you can get some BD in before you leave!!! Are you flying over here? Some of the airports are shut and there's lots of disruption with flights at other airports so make sure you check before you leave hun! SO much snow!! xx
  • ahh your in Ireland, was wondering if it was somewhere exotic!!!

    Yes, get on with the BDing tonight as Tink says, keeping our fingers crossed for you xxxx
  • i was told yesterday alright that manchester, leeds/bradford & liverpool all closed for some time but Blackpool (ours) was open i think. I will def check before we go in the morning & expecting delays. We was in Eurodisney the week before xmas & ended up our first flight @4.30pm was cancelled 2nd flight @ 9.30pm didnt take off until 2.45am the following morning image & all because of bloody snow!!

    Tink ive been here 19 years & this is the most snow i've seen here!

  • oooh i thought it was exotic too!!

    i spent 2 years in ????rainn Mh????r and really missed snow, esp at Christmas and feb sort of time.

    What a pity its worked out like this for you, hopefully you can try to squeeze lots of BDing in now though!!
  • Thats funny - exotic it aint! England's got the edge on the exoticness i think image

    cant wait for some "proper" fish, chips & mushy peas!! they try here but the batter is just never the same tasteless crunchy grease :lol:

    funny thing though our local airport Blackpool was closed until 4pm today re-opened, now dublin is closed might not get there at all!

  • HomeFairy where is Arainn Mhor? sounds like Galway or somewhere is it? yea will squeeze in some BD for sure I didnt wait 60 days for nothing image:lol:

  • Its the biggest island off of Galway (still in the bay) there is the big one (the one i was on) and the smaller one. They filmed father ted between the two!! So we had Ted Fest each year at about March time.
    I stayed with a family as i was doing research for my dissertation and they put me up!
    It may not be all bad news if you cant get away then!!
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