Getting excited-someone slap me! UPDATE.

Okay, v v v excited.
Yesterday temp was 36.8, today 36.6, if my temp rises high tomorrow I may be more excited! Could it be an implantation dip? Am 7dpo now!
Now someone can slap me for getting my hopes up! xxx


Woke up this morning and took temp, 36.3! Lower than coverline! Way too early for AF, shes's not due till Tuesday.Have really tender bbs, and weird pulling cramps low down. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Babydust to you girlies! xxx

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  • *slap* try and keep your cool!!! Too early to test as well so don't get that into your head!

    Fingers are crossed for you though love! x
  • Was going to slap you but since garfield already did I will hold back image

    Fingers crossed for you!
  • whoop whoop! i'm 5dpo and feel nothing! fingers crossed for you! x x
  • whoop whoop! i'm 5dpo and feel nothing! fingers crossed for you! x x
  • i'll slap ur hand instead but i'll keep my fingars crossed

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, but try not to read too much into it. I had what I thought was an implantation dip on 8DPO here's a link to my chart for you to see. Unfortunately it wasn't and my temp plummeted on 13DPO, and AF arrived 14DPO. I was absolutely devastated and spent 2 days crying as I'd convinced myself I was going to get my BFP as I'd never had this before.

    Really hope you're luckier than me pet, but wanted to keep you grounded so you don't go through the same heartache I did last month. Fingers crossed for you. xx
  • Hey my lovelies, thank you for the slaps and crossed fingers! Definitely not going to test till at least 11dpo as AF is due 12dpo!
    MrsR, so sorry hun, I always cry when my temp drops, its the most awful wake up. I don't think I can see your full cycle on your FF. Thank you for trying to keep me grounded, I'm really going to try not to set my heart on it. ((((hugs)))) xxx
  • Bloody adverts! Ok so temp is starting to rise today - was 36,4, if it goes above coverline tomorrow am going to test! Feeling very positive this month, would be own bloody fault if bfn though! lol! No real 'symptoms' yet, but no AF symptoms either. Don't feel apprehensive about testing, hope thats a good sign!
  • HI Cass82
    Good luck with testing etc.Noticed you chart and wondered if you knew the basics? I have a free trial on fertility friend (not sure I want to pay) and am either 6 or 7 days post ov (although my temps suggest i didn't ov but sticks did). Temp did huge drop on about day 4/5 post ov and gone back up but not to coverline. SHould I assume af on its way?
    Will post this in new thread too x
  • Hey JM, not come across that hun, could be implantation unless you have a short LP, what day did you ov? You sure your coverline is right? If you post your ff website address, I could have a look at your chart? xxx
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