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Hey hun, sorry to ask you this but when did u mc?? Was wondering if u want to hold my hand during this?? Not sure when to expect my af or ov...the only thing i had was 2 days of ewcm, yesterday and tuesday....its gone creamy today but bd the past 2 nights!!Also had a call fromt he epu today and my levels are now 0...which is sad, but she said i can expect af in the next few weeks image image


  • Hi hun, I mc the night I had my scan - 14th May. I had my follow up scan this morning to check it was complete and it was,no further treatment needed. I was told I could expect af anytime in the next 4 weeks. I know what you mean tho about feeling sad over your levels, I felt glad it was complete, but it was also a reminder of what I had lost. ( :roll: no pleasing some! )

    It would be great to have some one to hold hands with! Im very nervous, and a buddy would be fab ;\)

    I had ewcm on Sun and Mon. Bd mon, was going for round 2 last night but things got disrupted when ds had night-terror, and would not settle! Grr! All quiet tonight (so far!) so hopefully rain will not stop play again tonight! image

    (btw, yesterday WAS tuesday hun! ;\) ) xxx
  • Duh, i give blonds a bad name u know!!!! I meant monday and tuesday!!! Im getting really bad cramps 2nite tho, buts its only been a wk since my mc?!? Surely its to early! i started red bleeding on the 21st..! Not sure whats going on but anything is possible i guess!

    I know im not sure what i was expecting her to say....but part of me was hoping shed say they got it wrong and i was still pg image

    Goodluck with 2nite hun, ru going to do opks this month or just bd and hope? xxx
  • Im going for the more relaxed 'bd lots and hope for the best outcome' approach. I am hoping to avoid getting hooked on opks and stuff. How about you?

    I have had weird achy type feeling in lower tum, on right side. Should have seized the moment and asked the sonogropher if she could see any signs of ov! Oh well, too late now (doh!) Doubt it is ov anyway as had it yesterday too. It comes and goes!

    It is frustrating not knowing whats going on, or when to expect certain things. Im not the most patient person in the world, and I just want to know! lol! xxx
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