CD 13 any buddys want to join me

HI everyone

I am CD 13 today, so getting close to me ov day i hope, so it looks like will be busy this week. image
Hoping got some buddys to join me.


  • hi! im cd 11 (i think) not sure if this month is the one though xx
  • i think my reply just disappeared!!im cd 11 at the mo xx
  • Hey,

    I am also on CD13 today. Not sure how long my cycle is going to be as this is my first month off the pill.x
  • Hi Gemma
    Wow i am the same as you , first month ttc came off pill this month too.

  • Thats what a call a true cycle buddy, lol.
    We are ttc #2. I have a DD who was born in Dec 08.
    Before ttc her I had been on the pill 12 yrs solid without a break. My first cycle after my last pill was 42 days. Then next month at day 36 i got my BFP so it was quite quick considering.
    Im not sure it will be so quick this time as since having my DD i have been on cerazette and back to brevinor so think it will have messed my system up a bit.
    I was thinking I might wait about 40 days and if stil no AF by then i might POAS.
    Not sure ill be able to wait that long though and will prob be POAS from day 28 if no AF,
  • Hi Gemma

    We are trying for no 2 as well, my first one was born Nov 08, i was on the pill 12 year before we starting trying with our first one, were it took me 8 months to get pregnant, i have been back on the pill for just over a year, and hoping it will happen alot quicker this time. i dont want a big age cap between them, Omg yes 100% Buddy in every way lol, we sound the same,

  • How bizarre!
    Will keep my fingers crossed that your stay in the ttc forum is short & sweet.x
  • yes you too Gemma, sending baby dust

  • Hi everyone, how we all going, hope everyone ok, and we all get the BFP this month, i think i may have ov and missed it, not sure if when you come off the pill for first months do you still release a egg, as does the pill stop that from happening?

  • hi im CD 12 and got positive on OPK this afternoon soon ill be busy over the next couple of days hehe xx
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