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Officially in the 2ww

I am officially in the 2ww. CBFM is back to high but OPK's showed positive on first peak. Have managed BD on every high and peak so far, am going to try tonight but OH Was so so tired last night he couldn't keep his eyes open but he made the effort to BD bless him. See if I can tempt him tonight just in case!
Not sure if i'm 1 or 2DPO, I think 2 i'll wait for FF to see what it says.
I apologise in advance for sympton spotting!!!!


  • oh hun 2ww again,god luck and fingers crossed xxxxx
  • Good luck Emma - hope the two weeks don't drag too much x
  • good luck hun iv 1 ww left im 7 dpo now and its killing me
  • Well it certainly sounds like you've done all you can!! Wishing you lots of luck and I hope it flies by for you xx
  • Hey hun, you are usually my cycle buddy although a few days off i got a line on my ov sticks on friday and sat although only managed to bd on friday did a test on sun but no line so didnt bother as was soo tired. Hope we get our BFP's together hun it would be fab but if i dont i still really hope you do ! We can sympton spot together xx
  • Good luck, Emma - bet OH can't wait for a rest. We're in 1WW, I'm 7DPO and trying everything possible to distract myself. Dominoes anyone???
  • You must be wrecked Emma but it sounds like you have done absolutely all you can do. Best of luck!!!
  • Ladies
    I could have actually cried last night when I thought we had to BD again and I think OH felt the same but it's not for long is it. Lawso - I have done everything I can so If I don't get my BFP i'll scream!!!!!!!
    Kirsty - yeah, sympton spotting together!!!!! xxx
  • im on 2ww too!
    had short cycle last month (24 days) and had bd on cd5, cd 11 and cd12. ive not been weeing on ov sticks and have sworn not to test till my due day of easter monday

    good luck girls xx
  • Aww bless you Emma....I hope this is your last 2ww and you get a huge BFP at the end of it xxxx
  • Fingers crossed for you hun, would love to see you get yr BFP!

    So what have you got planned to distract you from 2ww? x
  • MrsR
    Definately not BDing, LOL! Me and OH have had a enough to last us 9 months (he he)!!!! I have a bit of studying to do so that should distract me and a couple of birthdays BUT no doubt i'll test at 7DPO, get annoyed and post and tell you girls i'm down!
    At least i'm honest!
  • I guess it's all part of the rollercoaster that is TTC!! How you deal with it is yr choice hun and if that means testing at 7dpo then so be it!!

    I don't believe the no bd'ing tho - i dont know about you but i find the more we do it the more i want itimage x
  • I happen to agree there slightly. I started getting "twinges" down ther etoday when I thought of OH and I have neve rhad them before! LEts see how I feel when I get into bed. Might have one night off!
    Dont' want OH to feel used i.e just for ovulation!!!!
  • Just make sure he knows its too late for that and this ones just for fun!! lol!!

    Enjoy!! x
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