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FAO manologirl re acupuncture

Hi manologirl, I got in contact with an acupuncturist in Glasgow and am going for my first appointment next week!! I was just wondering how often you went for appointments? I'm wondering if you have to go every week as it would be really expensive!!



  • Hi Daffodil,
    Sorry for gatecrashing, but I've been having accupuncture for a couple of months so thought I my experience might be helpful to you if Manologirl isn't around.

    I started my sessions in mid July and so far have had them fortnightly the plan is to go down to monthly but not too sure when. I'm a real convert, so am quite happy with this. I had a BFP at the end of August, but wasn't meant to be and just hours after my first appointment I'd ovulated and since then have had five week cycles and I'm hoping it'll help me quickly get back on track after m/c but will have to see if ov next week. I truly believe this is all down the treatment - previously my cycles had been averaging16 weeks and the change has been instant.

    I found my person (is there such a word as accupuncturist?!!) through the zita west website.

    Hope it goes well for you.

  • Thanks so much bleurgh! I have pretty average cycles- 32 days but just want to maximise my chances. On first month ttc I got pg but after 4 days had chemical pregnancy. My person is also something to do with Zita West as well. Hopefully I'll be able to do fortnightly- just want to feel I'm doing everything I can. It's great that it's having such a positive effect on you- fantastic!!
    Thanks for gatecrashing!!
  • hey hun, replied in due in april

  • daffodil just wanted to say i think acupuncture is brilliant (totally cured my depression) - hope it works for you too
  • Glad it helped. I'm in the same boat - want to do everything I can to get myself in best possible place to conceive. I knew it was always going to be a long process from family history (just hoping the twins and triplets don't happen tho!) so was keen to feel I was doing something!
    Hope it works x
  • Twins and triplets!! Got my first appointment next wed!! Looking forward to it
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