Implant bleed? - tmi sorry!

Okay for the last couple of days ive been feeling really wet down below...its been watery cm.
Im 7dpo, got home desperate for the loo and when i wiped it was pinky / brown on the tissue....does it sound like an implant bleed?

Over the last few days ive been feeling the following:
Af-like cramps 2-3dpo, bbs tender to touch with blue/green veins the last couple of days, pulling/tingling sensations in the last three days, two dizzy spells over the weekend to name a few symptoms, i keep getting the odd sharp pain in my lower abdominen too - do you think this sounds positive to you? xx image


  • Sounds very positive to me hun!! xx
  • I hope so are you getting on? xx
  • Hi Mrslolly, sounds really positive hun, good luck and I really hope you get your BFP soon hun xx
  • Thanks SD, only a few more days for me to test.
    How are you getting on? x
  • I'm not to bad thanks hun, still getting sharp pains low down in my tummy but that's as far as my "symptoms" go really, 8dpo (nearly9!!) so hoping I can last until Friday before testing...but then you know what I'm like :P

    When are you thinking of testing? xx
  • Thanks SD, only a few more days for me to test.
    How are you getting on? x
  • Hi hun

    Well I too am feeling so wet down below and am now 3 days late not sure I am preg or not sick of testing and seeing BFN, am thinking maybe I ov later than I thought and am not out of my 2ww yet.

    Am trying to remain calm and optimistic but it is hard, still getting on and off crampy pains too.

  • Hi Huni, I always said after the chem pg that i wouldn't test earlier than af is due, this month im not testing til the 8th....but now ive had what i think is a implant bleed the earliest i could test is 11dpo - 4 days Friday morning if I really wanted going to stock up in a couple of days with Superdrug hpt and FRERs too haha xx

    Hey SD, I really hope you get your bfp lovely. Maybe keep testing every other day until you get sure you're fine, i know its hard. am thinking of you all the time xx
  • Thanks hun, its just all this watery cm is driving me nuts, you dont get this when your ov do you? am very confused and hubby is away again just feel alone apart from when am on here.

    A few people know we are trying so theres added pressure there too and I would just love to see those words on a CBD.

    Fingers crossed for all of us xx
  • Ive not had watery cm after ov before....this is the first time for me. ive had ewcm before which is alot stickier - sorry for the tmi, but you asked lol!! image

    We haven't told anyone that we are ttc not even my mum and thats really hard. i didnt want the added pressure in case it took us a while and guess what over a year and still counting - but thats cos i was on the depo injection before.

    im sure if you wait then you will see those magical words on the cbd, i really do xx
  • Oh hun hugs to you and hope you get your BFP soon hun, apparently cm is realy good sign and it forms to build your mucuous plug, LOL didnt know what a mucuous plug was until today, you learn something new everyday on here and google he he xx
  • Sounds positive, I really hope you get your BFP this month, that goes for you too SD!! xx
  • Ahh thanks SD & Dotty!!!
    I really hope it is....but im going to be good and wait for 8th when af is due, despite me thinking it was the 7th lol!! hopefully can hold out til then xx
  • anyone else experienced this? x
  • I had an implantation bleed at 10dpo, silly me should have said that on my original post!! It was a pinky/browny disharge in my cm when i wiped and i only got it once. This is the 4th time i've been pregnant and i've never had a bleed before!! Your symptoms really do sound positive, I had constant light cramps in my tummy in my 2ww. Good luck xx
  • Hi Dotty!!! lol ive only it that one time and now nothing. my left bb is still sore but nothing else. my bbs dont tend to get sore or anything with af...i just wish i could remember my pregnancy for my lo. i wasn't planning to become pregnant and it just happened, i just remember missing my period. mind you, i think i did have an implant bleed as i was in spain at the time telling my dh that i thought i had come on, but didnt lol!!! xx
  • omg i never knew implant bleeds happened that late, i thought it happened the same night!!! I need a fact a day calander!

    x x x
  • lol Homefairy!!! i googled it and it says it can happen any time between 7-10 dpo, so hopefully it was right on queue 7dpo!! lol.

    sorry in advance if tmi, but am really wet down below and its really getting me down that i don't know either way. i know its too early, but it didnt stop me going to superdrug and buying a couple of tests....i am fit to burst!!! xx
  • hehehe, ive been looking online at early preg symptoms!!! Lots of creamy CM is a symptom!!

    x x x
  • Haha, you will become obsessed with symptoms and google like me!!!
    Yeah there seems to be soo many symptoms but then everyone else is so different. And now I sound really stupid saying that when asking my original question?!! lol xx
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