OW !!!

I have a real pain in my left ovary and its hurting to walk, or even sit down !

Hopefully despite by AWOL AF its pain because i'm ovulating, i did get a positive on an ov test yesterday (my first time ever !) so made sure we bd'ed last night plus we did it the night before too so fingers crossed.

But in the meantime OW OW OW OW OW !!! :x


  • Im sorry to hear your in pain hun but lets hope its for a good reason and you get your bfp in a couple of wks, good luck and keep bd. xxx
  • Sorry to hear about the pain - make sure your get pampered by your OH to take away the pain of courseimage I find chocolate helps my pain LOL (Any excuse) Good luck BD'ing, we are doing the same, think I am OV soon as trying to BD every other day xx
  • Unfortuantely I'm at work so no papering here, but someone did bring in a box of Roses and i've eaten LOADS of them !

    This pain is really hanging around i've had it for hours !! Its most uncomfortable ! I just hope its due to ov'ing and me and hubby have caught it this month.

    Seems like we've been trying for ages when its only been since October !
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