What CD is this- just off the pill :) ( Also in planning)

Hey ladies, I'm on a brief break from the pill as was having dreadful AFs and headaches along with AF, and am doing a bit of cycle tracking in prep for TTC in Dec ! I finished last pack of pill on Fri 7th May, had my withdrawal bleed on Tue 11th May and should have started taking the pill again on Sat 15th of May. Have had ewcm during the week and the got a very positive opk on Thurs 27th - so should I count 1st day of withdrawal bleed as cd1 or the Sat when I should have started my pill again?? So positive would be either cd 13 or cd17?

My head is spinning working it out :lol:


  • Hiya, I'm quite new to all of this as well but as far as i know CD1 is the first day of AF/withdrawal bleed. So your ov high would be CD 17.

    Hope that helps?
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