13DPO and BFN!

Hi All,

Not been on here for a while as trying to "relax" about the whole TTC lark this month! But I have been keeping my eye on all the BFP's and congrats to you all!!! image

Feeling a bit low today, have been TTC since Christmas and after having some longish cycles of 36 days they had started to come down with the last 2 being 31. Anyway, am now on day 34 (only 13DPO though, so ov late in my cycle anyway) and got a BFN! Don't think I have any sign of AF though, but I'm sure she'll creep up on me any day now!! Really thought we had cracked it this month! Anyone else know of anyone getting a BFN at 13DPO and going on to get a BFP??? :?

Clare x


  • Hi Clare, when I fell pregnant I tested the day after my af was due and got a BFN, I was sure af was on its way as had all the usual signs. Waited 3 days and still no af so tested again and got a BFP so it can happen. Its all down to how high your hormone levels are as to whether the test can detect it.
    I would wait 3 days (as recommended by most tests) and if your af has still not shown then test again.

    Good luck! x
  • Hi Clare, I haven't had any experience of this myself but as always, it's not over until the witch arrives!! Try to keep your PMA up over the next few days and, as LizB says, re-test after the weekend. Lots of baby dust to you and hope you get your BFP. xxxx
  • Hello! as Mrs Hopeful says its not over till she arrives so you can't give up hope yet Missy! Fingers crossed you will get your BFP in a few days time.x
  • Thanks ladies! Can't believe I was so good to hold off testing until 13DPO! Normally I'm a fully fledged member of POAS anonymous each month!!

    Thanks again, will re-test after the weekend providing AF hasn't crept up on me first!!

    Clare x
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