Not sure what to do!

I had an appointment at the hospital yesterday to see whether I need to have my Gall Bladder removed or not. Turns out I do need it removing and this should be done within the next 4 months or so. Problem is if we aren't pregnant this month my husband wants us to stop TTC until after the operation which could mean us not being able to start trying again until July/August time. I really don't want to stop trying as I'm already 34 with PCOS and I already feel that time is slipping through our fingers. I would like to carry on TTC and then if I get pregnant before the op i will wait to have it done until after the baby is born or until absolutely necessary. Do you think this is a sensible option or does my husband have the right idea?


  • I think your husband is right on this one hon. If you fell pregnant and the op was put back you would not only be putting yourself at risk but the baby as well.

    If anything happened to the baby you would never ever forgive yourself. If it were me I would have the operation and then start again with TTC; a few months won't make any difference to whether you can conceive or not, and if you are not fully fit it could hamper your chances of conceiving/carrying a baby to term.

    Good luck with your decision and with the operation hon .xxx
  • Hi,
    I've had the OP and i don't think it would be a big deal if you got pregnant in the meantime. As i'm sure you know by now it's not going to kill you not having the op straight away, but you may be in some discomfort over the months you're waiting. I suffered very badly with heartburn while i was waiting for the op, i can only imagine this would be worse if you were pregnant. I think you should accept that you're having the op, if you get pregnant in the meantime you can put it off, if you don't then you won't miss out on having the operation. I remember asking the consultant at the time of my check up about getting pregnant and he said it wouldn't be an issue and the op could still go ahead. Look into that maybe?? Good luck hun, I know how bad gallstones feels xx
  • i didn't really think of it that way and i would never want to put our baby at risk.. those few months of waiting are going to be hard but I really see what you mean and I can see it would be for the best!! I wouldn't want to be selfish and have something happen. Thank you for the very solid and good advice x
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