Hey Ladies,
I'm from Western Australia and was wondering where some of you are from and what time it is where you are?image


  • Hi from England!! It's 12.32pm here now.

    2 years ago i was in Australia visiting family, oh how i wish i was there now! It's such a beautiful place x
  • Yeah it is i was born here... mind u its really hot, most cant handle the heat. My hubby's from New zealand and he gets blood noses all the time from the heat
  • ooh that can't be nice.
    I'd love to visit New Zealand too.
    Australia is the only place in the world i'd consider living in other than England (and that's only because England is my home and it's what i know, other than that it's a bit boring with bad weather!)
    My aunty lives a 5 min walk away from the beach... bliss!!
  • Hi, I'm from Northern Ireland, it's 1pm here now and so frosty at the minute, would love to be somewhere warm!! Though I think I would be the same as your hubby, I'm very fair so the sun doesn't always agree with me image but think I would still give it a good go image xx
  • I'm from england, 1pm aswell. My parents got on a plain to Aus yesterday morning, so they might be there by now. How long you been ttc for miss88?
  • Poppy83- We're heading over to nz for xmas next yr so ill let u know how it is

    Huni- First would u believe that is the name we have picked for our first girl (Huni) and did u know it a Maouri name? Im really fair too i burn all the time over here.

    Gemgem13- where abouts are they going? This is our 11th cycle so 11months.. my partner works 6 hours away 2 wks on 1 wk off so makes it a little harder and longer. We've had all kinds of tests and theres nothing wrong so hopefully we get our BFP in the next few months. How about u?
  • I know they're going to melbourne, not sure where else. they're visiting friends who emigrated earlier in the year. Then they're stopping in kuala lumpur on way back, as we have family there.

    I have been similar time to you, but have had a pg along the way. Came off pill a year ago, got pg in july, MC'd at around 8 weeks in september, started tryign again straight away. Am testing in NY eve if no period appears before then. staring to get a bit impatient. But I give all my tests to hubby and tell him what day he's allowed to give them back, coz I'm awful for early testing otherwise!!
  • I know the feeling... im 8 dpo and i tested 2 days ago ( i knew it wouldnt work). We had a real early mc, i was only 5 weeks along so was kinda just like a late af. Its hard knowing u had it and lost it! Can i ask how old u r gemgem?
  • It's 13.40 here in sunny Leeds in England! So where abouts in western oz are you from? Some of my family emmigrated there... You might even know them ;P
  • Gemgem13 - I'm 21, and they say the younger you are the easier it is to fall pregnant, so not true

    Mrgufc- WA is a big state, i'm from a town called Bunbury we're south of the capital perth
  • They also say your fertility takes after your mum's - also not true. my mum stopped pill and had me 9months later, then got pg with my brother using contraception!! 2010's the year for us I'm sure!!
  • My mum was exactly the same! For sure!
  • I love the name Huni! didn't know it was a Maouri name though, learn something every day! image I picked it because it's what h2b called me when we started dating (sorry if I'm making anyone queazy :lol: )
    I'm 26, seems scary admitting that, I still feel 18 image wouldn't it be wonderful if all that was true about fertility running in the family...my mum had 5 of us and my sister was pg with her first WHILE she was on the pill..seems so unfair that all these girls just "fall pg" without trying!!!

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  • yeah i agree, but i guess when we all finally fall pregnant we'll be so thankful for every minute!
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