Clear blue digital opks

Apologies if this question has been as asked 100 times before. Just started ttc'ing and bought a Cbd opk to reassure myself that I'm ovulating after coming off bcp. I did it this morning as instructions said it didn't matter what time of day but then I read on the Internet somewhere that opk tests should always be done in the afternoon. Has anyone got any experience that they work in mornings? Think it might be a bit awkward trying to do it at work!
Thanks in advance


  • hello

    it depends what type of OPK you use and its always best to follow the instruction, most OPKs work best between 12 and 8pm but it will say to test at a certain time on the instructions, mine say after 2pm is best although i also have the clear blue moitor that asks for FMU

  • i use CBOPK and test my FMU it works perfect so i would recommand u do that. good luck

  • Thanks, that's a relief! My head is full of so many questions! And to think I have spent the past 10 years not giving it a second thought... Just got to wait for it to show a smily face one morning now! Here's hoping... xx
  • i use cbdopks too and always use them 1st thing is morning and have had no trouble getting a smiley! xx
  • Thanks, desperate to see that smily now! Managed to get inconclusive result this morning so hoping I'll see it tomorrow! Would be p'ed off if today was the day I ov'd and the test went wrong so I didn't realise! Will be even worse when it comes to doing a proper test, think I may get a bit obsessed!
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