Only another question about OPKs!!!

Hiya guys!

Im sure you get sick of OPK questions! But even a semi-pro OPk-er gets confused sometimes! lol

Been using OPKs since CD11 and Im now CD 17

CD 11 - pale line
CD 12 - paler line
CD 13 - pale line
CD14 - v.pale line
CD 15 - very dark line (not q. as dark as control tho)
CD 16 - pale line
CD 17 - no line

Now I would take this as CD 15 being my ov day? But Im just wary that it wasnt as dark as control line but by far the darkest line Ive had on this cycle. Would you other ladies agree and just say that the LH was lower in general on this cycle?

Thank you!
***baby dust to all ***


  • Hi MrsA,
    I've had the same happen to me this cycle on ic's. I've used them before and got a def pos but this time I wasn't so sure. Going by the usual cramping, sore (.)(.), spots etc I'm pretty sure I've ov'ed though so I just assumed I either tested not quite at the right time or maybe this batch of strips was slightly less sensitive.
    The other thing that puzzled me was last time I had +I've tests 2 days in a row but this month is was pale the next day. Saying that I've had 2 random short cycles so maybe my LH surge is relative to that, who knows.
    Have you had any ov symptoms?
  • Yeah i did get quite spotty a couple of day before and i thought i had slight cramping on CD15 which is why i thought CD16 would be the positive day.

    I used to use the CB Digitals but had 2 cycles with no smiley face which is why im wondering if i just have a lower LH than others???
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