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hey all, just an update from me, on the 4th of may i have to go for a laparoscopy, from what i understood it is basically were they put you under general anesthetic and make a small incision under my belly button so they can use a tube to check if i have any problems that are causing me to mc.
has any1 had one of these before? i hope i get some answers xxx


  • Hope everything is ok hun, thinking of you

  • hey hun, how are you, how did your appointment go? xx
  • Not had one myself but I think my mum had something similar a couple of years ago - it was a laparoscopy to view her uterus at any rate. They insert a camera through the hole (and yes its very very small the incision, hence key hole surgery, but just so you know she didn't scar at all it was that small). She was a little sore afterwards - bruised where they'd gone in but wasn't too bad she said. They were checking for cysts etc for her so assuming it'll be something similar for you.

    She was really worried about it before she had it, not knowing what to expect, but it was done very quickly, minimal fuss and she recovered very quickly & back to normal straight away.

    Try not to worry about it hon, I'm sure everything will be ok.
    I'll be thinking of you xxx
  • Hi sally,

    Its great to hear things are moving for you, I thought they would have you waiting for ages.
    I hope everything goes ok, nice to hear from you.

  • Hey hun, just going to do an update on it now xx
  • Hope everything goes ok love, xxx
  • Hi hun, I had a laperoscopy a few years ago for endometriosis, they also performed a diathermy to remove the excess tissue.
    Normally you are out the same day but I ended up staying in overnight as they had to make a slightly larger excision than they hoped. But even at that I have hardly any scar. There is one across my belly button and 2 tiny little ones along my bikini line that you wouldnt even see.
    It was a bit uncomfortable of a couple of days mainly due to them filling me with air to make it easier to see, so I was quite windy lol.
    Also the anasthetic left me feeling a bit woozy for a day or 2. But apart from that its not too bad at all.
    Best of luck

    Lisa xxx
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