bdancin at ov time.

hi girls, i am oving at the moment and i always get quite bad ov pains, what i was wandering is if anyone finds bdancing uncomfy at that time. im ok first few days but the day before i ov bdancing can be quite uncomfortable. its a shame coz i feel like its the time of the month you should be giving your all and the day beofre ov i just need to tell oh to do the deed (sorry tmi).lol.xxxx:roll:


  • Hi Angel,
    I feel completely the same around OV - I tell the OH he has to go more steady with me, hehe!

  • double post.xxxx

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  • hi hun, yeah need to do the i think i probably ovd today as thats usually what happens after my painful
  • I've still got my cramps but I did have a 0.12 increase in temp this morning to 97.45. Still no positive OPK though (mind you they don't always work for me!). Will wait and see what tomorrow morning's temp is. Good luck hun in the 2ww xxx
  • thanks hun, pains are still niggling so will bd again tonight just incase.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    good luck to you hun.xxxxxxxx
  • I think I've had this angel, but cant be sure (as always!). Fingers crossed you get it this month!! xxx
  • hope so hun, i havent done temps or anything this month and think im less relaxed coz of

    how's thing's with
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