Don't want tomorrow morning to come

Some women can't wait to test I am too scared to. I know I have to though as I really think when I see the BFN it will relax me and that will help AF on her way. Plus I do deeo down want to know as does hubby but I really really really do not want to see that BFN.
Is anybody out there also testing tomorrow morning?

K xx


  • ill be testing im the morning as long as af dont arrive first tested tues but got a bfn so dont really want to get another made me a bit down
  • Same here I tested on 11dpo tomorrow will be 15dpo I am so worried though I will see that BFN again.

    K xx
  • It is scary isnt it. Everything crosed for you!!xxx
  • Thank you image It's silly but it really is , it's kinda final you know. I know it wont be the end of the world and that we will try god willing again next month but it is scary.

    I am not even sure if I am doing it too early or not but htey ho

  • Well if in the morning you dont really want to do it then dont feel pressured, leave it another few days. Its so silly how that compulsion gets hold when you know it has to be a bfn, but when it might just be a bfp its so scary to do.
  • I agree dont do it if you feel too pressured. Its weird we can all be as desperate to see a bfn as to see a bfp as at least you know either way !

    Good luck for tomorrow if you decide to test.
  • Your so right when I did it a few days ago I knew it would be a BFN but now I will be CD29 and that it will be 15DPO then I knida of know this is it you know like if this is BFN then thats it for this month. Those 2ww were for nothing.

    K xx
  • good luck to you i hope you get your bfp!
    Caz x x
  • same here think it might be too early seen my friend today and she had a bleed for 2days when af was due but she thought it was strange for her tested the day she stoped and bfn a wk later tested again and got a bfp and is due in aug so there is still hope for us i guess
  • Thank you girls for your kind wordsimage

    Thats the thing I had my last pill bleed on the 3rd May so now I am waiting for my first natural bleed and I have no idea when that will be so it;s hard for me to test on the day AF is due image

    K XX
  • good luck for tomorrow morning image xx
  • Hi K-lou. I agree with the others. If you feel ready to test then do so. I realise I have been so lucky with my cycles when I came off the pill. 30 and 33 days. Let us know what you decide, and if you test hope it's a bfp! xx
  • K-Lou I am going to test tomorrow, I will only be 11dpo but want to go out on the pop with a clear conscience tomorrow!
    Good luck and don't panic, I'm sure you will get into a regular cycle soon!
  • Ahh thanks I wish you all the best for tomorrow as wellimage

    K xx
  • Good luck for this morning K-Lou.xx
  • How are you this am K-Lou?? I am due to test tomorrow (if af hasn't arrived) and I'm scared too. I don't think we've done it as I've been having af pain for a while now. Never used to get it before ttc. Hope you get your bfp soon.

  • Hi girls thank you all but I tested and it was a BFN. Have pains in belly now and back ache so I guess I will just have to wait for AF to show up.

    How did the rest of you girls do??

  • tested today and bfn but still no signs of af so my body is playing loads of tricks on me never mind maybe next month
  • You never know then hun. I have been having hot flush's this morning I am boiling!!!! and as I had have really sore lower back so I am really hoping AF is not too far behind

    K xx
  • Im out this month. Try, try again!

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