OPK test strip pictures

So for a while lots of people were asking me about the OPK's I use, they are the cheap wondfo strips off of amazon - I can't recommend them enough as far as value for money goes.

In any case when I started to use them I was wondering what I was looking for and then I found out. So I thought I'd post this picy for anyone that's interested to see.

BTW I would also highly recommend their hpt strips too - also from amazon (just make sure they are wondfo) as I tested at 9dpo and got a bfp, then on 11dpo i got a stronger bfp and my hcg blood test showed 28mui/ml - that means they are pretty darn sensitive. I am still waiting - on tender hooks - for my results back from today's blood draw to see if it's doubled in the last 48 hours - I do know though that my line has got darker again - so I am hopeful - hey at this cheap I can POAS as much as I like! image


I can't see the picture but if you can't either here is the link:


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