stil no sign! :( .. help!!!!

i had implant removed a week ago n still no sign of af!!!!!!!! i had no periods at all, wel slight spotting , whilst on it so dnt no wer i am! ? so annoyed, just want a date to go off!!?? anyone else in same boat! xxx


  • When i came off my pill i didnt have a period for 45 days it was weird kept feeling like it was about to start but didnt. Had pains but nothing for ages. Prob would be the same with the implant. HTH x
  • hi, i was in exactly the same boat as u! just over 3 eeks ago i had my implant out! dr told me that i should have a period within 10 days or at least a spotting.......i had nothing! about a week ago i had a bronish dishcahrge when i wiped and then pains so i thought she was coming.....and now im pregnant! i never had periods when i was on the implanon! xxxx
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