PCOS Any advice please?


Just had doc's appointment because my period seems to have disappeared, they just checked notes of a scan had done a few months ago and said that suggests PCOS, so now they are taking bloods to confirm. I don't have any other symptoms like excessive hair, overweight of heavy periods.

Just needs some advice really or positive ttc stories please girls because just googled PCOS and my PMA seriously disappeared.

Thanks x


  • ah hun i really wouldnt read what they say on the internet or take as gospel as every person is different. You may also want to post this in ltttc as there will be ladies in that forum who have been diagnosed with pcos and may be able to give you better advise than we can xx
  • Hi Tilly, I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but just wanted to send you some PMA. Good luck with your tests.

    V xxx
  • Hi,
    I was diagnosed with PCOS in Sept 09 and also have no symptoms. I have fairly regular periods, slightly evelvated FSH levels when they conducted blood tests (consistent with PCOS apparently), seemed to be ovulating (in the months where they tested), but the ultrasound scans showed a number of small cysts on each ovary.
    I was advised that hopefully, prescribing Clomid would help regualte everything and increase my chances. So here I am! I am on my third month of Clomid and it has taken them this long to get the dosage right but I am now hoping for some positive news!
    PCOS doesn't mean you can't conceive, it may just take a bit longer and a bit of a kickstart with some fertility drugs. Try not to panic, I know it's easier said than done x
  • Hi girls,
    Many thanks for your replies, feeling better today and going put it out of my mind till i have had all the tests done.

    Viscy- read your post about the doc's glad they were helpful hun.

    Babydreams - good luck with the clomid x

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