What time of day do you use your OPK??

Hi everyone

I'm very excited as I have just purchased my first clear blue ovulation test!! I was just reading through the leaflet and it says to make sure you don't have a wee for at least 4 hours before you test which I think is going to be a bit of a challenge because I'm sure I wee more often than that!!

Anyway I was just wondering what time of day you all test - my first morning wee would be the easiest because I wouldn't have weed for many hours but we will be doing most of our baby making at bed time so would it be best to test just before then??? I just don't know and I don't want to mess it up because they are so blooming expensive!!! Also how do most of you do it, do you wee directly onto the stick or would it be easier to fill a pot and then test - I can just imagine myself weeing all over the place!!!! Nice!!!!

Thank you for all your help guys - I'm so glad we've all got each other to question!!! xx


  • Hi, there, I'm using the Clearblue ovulation tests, get 7 in a pack. Did it Tues morn, was negative, then decided to do Wed early eve and was positive, kinda knew I was guna ovulate then as I'm 28 days regular, BTW, I peed in a pot, can't seem to do it the other way. Lol!! Hope that helps and good luck. Zxx
  • Hi,
    I used the CB digital opk's last month and ended up buying a second pack as I ov'ed much later than I thought. I got my smiley on my last test which was the one and only one I did with fmu (did all others later in day). I made myself bad each day trying not to wee for so long!
    This cycle I've used the cheapy ones off of amazon and tested fmu and again around 4/5pm. I got positives 2 days running with the fmu tests but on the same days my tests showed negative in the afternoon. So either my urine wasn't concentrated enough in the afternoon or I get my lh surge in the morning,
  • I used the cbd ones this month for the first time and tested with fmu first and then around 1 pm for the next 2 days until i got a smiley (loved that smiley face), anyway, altho the pack says to use fmu the girls on here advised to test later in the day as the hormone it tests for builds up during the day and breaks down again later. i did find it hard not to go the loo tho esp as i was concentrating on not wanting to go.
  • Hiya
    I always test with FMU (in a pot - i get up at 5am so no hand eye coordination for POAS!)
    The CBD is supposed to detect ovulation between 36-24 hours before so really FMU should be fine although I am led to believe the hormone builds up during the day, unless you have been drinking a lot or weeing a lot!

    If you are using OPKs I would recommend downloading -
    I have been tracking my AFs and ovulation for last couple of months and it remembers everything so can predict when you will next ovulate or AF due. Also pops up on your desktop everyday to remind you what cycle day you are. Probably not advisable if you are at work though! lol

    Good luck!
  • I have my uses! lol
  • Thanks everyone!! FMU would be easiest really - I can't hold my wee very long!! x
  • I use a CBD and I use urine from between 7-8pm, as using my fmu wouldnt work x
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