When you get your BFP

....how do you plan on telling OH/DH?

I was thinking last night and i think i would just leave it on his pillow and not say anything until he saw it!!!!

Ladies who have already had their BFP....how did you tell OH?

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  • Aww that sounds nice. I'm not sure what I'd do. When I was pg with ds, which was unplanned. I was a week late but didn't think I was pg! Doh! I thought I was just late due to stress. DH made me go to boots to buy some tests and he found out the same time as me. It was all overwhelming.
    That was years ago, ds is nearly 7 and we've been ttc for ages now. I think I would keep it as a surprise and maybe drop it into conversation after ds goes to bed and watch the penny drop. I've heard of ladies gift wrapping the test which is cute.
    I dunno really I might have a proper think and be creative if I ever do get my bfp!
  • I always thought i would tell him/surprise him somehow but when it was positive i was shaking and ended up racing downstairs to the phone to tell him straight away while he was at work!! couldn't keep it to myself!! I did tell him to stop driving and told him he was gonna be a daddy!! xx
  • the first time round I didn't know I was preg so I just phoned dp - this time I may just leave it somewhere for him to see it without even saying anything!
  • Hi Tink

    I always thought i would find out at home and would wrap up the test for my husband... BUT i ended up doing a test while in Cyprus last week so straight away it was never how i planned!

    My AF was 2 days late so i decided i was going to test on the Thurs morning (hubby didnt realise i'd took 2 tests away with me). I literally got about an 2 hours sleep on the Wed night... it was the worst & longest night of my life! I finally woke up at 7.30am and i made myself lie in the bed till 8am before i got up to test (coz i'd only last been up for a wee at about 4ish so i wanted to store it up as much as possible) :lol:
    Anyway.... i had already hidden the test in the hotel bathroom the night before so i went in there and POAS... then i didnt look at it and brushed my teeth to pass the time.
    And when i DID look at it , the line was soooo dark! (I defo recommend waiting as long as you can to test coz that dark line makes it all worth it).
    I started crying so i had to run the tap so that hubby didnt hear me!

    I came out the loo with the test hidden down my PJs and was kinda hoping hubby would have heard me crying or something... but nope! He was sound asleep! :roll:
    So i just sat on the bed and held the test in front of his face. He must have sensed me there coz he opened his eyes and said "whats that?" I said "a pregnancy test"... he said" what's 2 lines mean?" (ha ha i forgot that he wouldnt automatically know that!)
    I said "i'm pregnant" and then burst into tears!! :\)
    We had a cuddle and then we 'high-fived' each other!! He congratulated my eggs and i said well done to his swimmers! image
    Yep, geeeeeeeeeeks!

    Oh and then we just walked around the room for a few mins saying "f*ck, wow, f*ck" (you'd have thought it wasnt planned by our reactions... not that we'd been trying for 6mths)! :lol:

    Anyway... later on, hubby said that he'd always thought he'd be there with me when we did the test (and i actually felt kinda bad coz i'd never thought about how he'd imagined it)... so we waited till the Saturday morning and then we did the 2nd test together - and that was lovely too.

    Yikes! Sorry! I've written an essay!! It was just lovely remembering the feelings - cant believe it was only 8 days ago.... feels like a lifetime... how the hell will i get through the next 8mths?!?! ;\)



  • I did my test just after hubby had left for work but waited until 8pm that night when he got home so I could see his face. Even spoke to him during the day and didn't give the game away!

    The previous weekend we'd been emptying the spare room ready for decorating and we'd talked about how, when the baby finally came, it would become a nursery. The day I got my BFP I was supposed to be painting it (ended up taking it easy and walking round Mothercare instead!). Anyway, I bought a little plaque with a cute little poem on it which essentially says 'This is baby's room' and I hung it in there. When he got home I casually said' Oh go and look what I did to the spare room'. He was expecting it to have been painted.

    He was slow off the mark though and just thought that I'd started buying baby stuff, such was my desire for a bubba. Eventually (after a few seconds of him looking confused) I shouted 'I'm pregnant!' and whipped out the CBD (he wouldn't have known what he was looking at on a normal HPT!). Bless him, stumbled backwards clutching his chest like he'd been shot!

    K 18+5
  • KayeCee, i remember you telling that story on your BFP post (when you used to have a fairy godmother as your avatar pic i think??)
    Cant believe you're almost 16wks now!

  • OMG Broody, only 8 days ago? It seems like forever lol and it isn't even my pregnancy. I love your story. My OH always says he wants to be involved so much but i was wanting to do a CBD because if i showed him a normal preg test he wouldn't understand what 2 lines meant lol but then i thought well the writing disappears after a while so i might take a pic of it.

    Anyone would think i had actually got my BFP the way i am speaking!!!

    I think before anything i would come on here and tell all you gals!!! image xx
  • Oh KayeCee i think i remember that. That is sooo sweet!!! I wouldn't know what to do, i say i have everything planned but when the receptionist at my docs mistakenly told me i was pregnant one day (she should have said it was negative) i was shaking so hard i was like a human vibrator!!! And then she told me it was negative and i was nearly sick but ya know lol.

  • OMG the computer idea is sooo good apart from my OH doesn't go on the laptop hardly lol!!! xx
  • Awwww these are so lovely!

    Me and hubby are going to test together next time as he wants to be involved but with Ruby I found out on Father's Day 2007 and he was barely awake when I said 'Happy Father's Day'!!!!!!!!! It was really lovely and was such an amazing day!

    If we get our BFP this month then we're going to buy a card for the Grandparents saying 'You're going to be Grandparents' and write in 'Again!' and write the EDD inside and give it to them with their Christmas presents!

    Fingers crossed for our BFP's!! xxx

  • Oh mines not romantic at all! Lol!

    When I found out with my son (who's not far off 4) we were not exactly trying but not preventing either. My cycles were a bit all over the place and I think I had tested early and got BFN so I didn't expect it to be positive at all, I was only testing because the dr advised me to as he wanted to put me on medication that wasn't good for pg women. So,I tested and the line was pretty dark. I was so shocked I ran into DH with my jeans still round my ankles and told him I was a 'little bit' pregnant! :lol: :lol: No idea why I said that, it just came out!

    With dd she wasn't planned and I took the test because I was late for af...the test looked negative at first but then I could see this little pink line appearing. I was again shocked and just kind of threw the test at him and said 'how many lines are on that?!'

    I'd like to do something romantic...but my emotions just get the better of me!!

  • I had all these thoughts i.e print it on a t.shirt, get him a personalised card, send him a daddy vest etc etc and did i.....NO lol......i was that shocked i was shaking and called him within minutes....the rest of the day for both of us was a blur!

    Marie 36+4
  • I planned a big extravagant thing in my head but when I got a bfp last month I rang him at work (he didn't know i was testing, tested a day before AF naughty me) and just made pleasant convo and asked what time he was home? He replied 5ish why? whatsup? I said, nothing just something was delivered today and I got a present for you so hurry home!
    Silly boy was guessing anything but a +ve!

    He got in, made him sit on the couch and close his eyes and put his hands out....handed him the hpt, he opened his eyes, looked at it, grinned and saw the result and we just both laughed and I shed a tiny tear then i think we may have hi-fived too! LOL.

    Not sure what i'd do next time i get a BFP, probably hide it somewhere as i'd be too scared of it not being sticky again image

  • My friend was living in Hong Kong when she got pregnant, so she sent all her friends (incl me obv) an email with "Guess what" as the subject and an attachment of her 12 week scan pic.
    I burst into tears at work as it was such a surprise (happy tears!!) that was 12 years ago when we were 21 and babies were not on our minds!

    My BF and I were having coffee and she passed me a card and said in a really casual way "oh just have a quick look at this" - and it was her 12 week scan pic - again I burst into happy tears. She was just back from honeymoon so was a bit of a shock for her (her ds is now happy and healthy 6 month old - but he had a vv alcoholic conception and first few months with the hen party, wedding and honeymoon!)

    I think the 12 week mark has to be it for me with most people - too many stories of mc before then - would be too awful if lots of people had to be told afterwards.
  • OMG i am so sorry Charlie_Chalk but i have tears streaming down my face from laughter at your post. I just have a picture of a woman running with her trousers round her ankles yelling i am pregnant.

    I am so sorry!!! Tink xx
  • OK i am blushing while typing here goes......

    With my boy i tested on xmas eve got a bfn must of tested early... new years day i was so so sick and i haddnt been drinking coz i ''felt preg'' i tested at lunch as soon as i had finished poas there was a 2nd line image so i ran out the bath roon tripped fell down the stairs landed in a lump at the bottom not noticing the test fly across the front room :roll: only to be picked up be my flat mates :lol: who then asked '' have u just p****d on this ''
    I have never been so embarresed ever image :lol: image

    With 2nd preg i tested and ran to oh again luckly we were in our flat and no stairs image - ended in mc

    with 3rd i tested and left it for OH to find he came in and asked ''who's preg's '' :lol: men..... I replyed its my test :roll: also ended in mc

    Would love to send xmas cards to people saying love G,*,boy & bump :lol: image
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