So pissed off! UPDATE

Hi ladies, hope your all well.
I should be ov today (dont use opk) and OH has just come home from training with a banged up knee. Says no way we can bd tonight. I know I shouldnt be cross but I am.
We did bd last night and hopefully tomorrow but do you think its enough?


Well we did get to bd last night image

Thank God because now I feel like we are back in the running. Now all we have to do is the dreaded 2WW :roll:

Good luck all xxx

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  • I think your ok but make sure you definately BD tomorrow and possibly the day after.

  • Sperm can live in fertile cm for 2-3 days so try not to worry about it too much. I'm around ov time and dh seems a bit tired so really hope he's still up for it tonight. Trying to remind myself that we bd'ed the last two nights so should be enough.

    It's amazing how upsetting it can be though when you can't bd at the right time. Totally understand how you feel image
  • Thanks ladies. I feel so bad as im stomping around the house like a child. I never thought I would be in such bad mood because he doesnt want too. Its usually the other way about :lol:
  • lol at stomping about! *giggles* good luck 2nite x
  • Well we never di bd last night. We did try me on top but was still too sore and am starting to think there may be something serious with his knee as it woke him up in the middle of the night.

    Im not taking no for an answer tonight image
  • good luck tonight, hope his knee us ok.........

  • Thanks missy moo, it better be ;\)
  • woohoo! glad u got ur own way! *giggles* hopefully it was a successful BD xx
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