Foreign pregnancy tests???


I'm just back from hols and my AF was due last Friday and still no show- I bought two tests in Spain and one had a vertical line in control window and horizontal line in other window but it should have been a vertical line according to the diagram.

I tested again and got a BFN but a week later still no AF- while me and oh weren't actively ttc we have said we want one more (lo is 5 months).

Am I wasting more money by going today and buying a clear blue or another uk brand- anyone else had bfp on foreign tests which turned out to be BFP??


  • I think all pregnancy tests are more or less the same even abroad. Maybe you tested too early! I think you should get yourself another one just to check. How long ago did you last test? xxx
  • Thanks for the reply Debbie- the last test was on Tuesday
  • Any af signs? I think you should test again hun! Im keeping everything crossed for you. xxx
  • Thats the thing I have been feeling a bit crampy but its lasting a lot longer than usual- normally its like one or two days before but I've been like this for about 5 days.

    Also I know this is probably tmi but my boobs have been leaking a bit.

    The main reason I think I might be is coz I had my AF and started back on my pill but forgot to allow a few weeks for it to get into my system and got jiggy approx a week or tens days after af had started!!
  • If your the patient sort you could just wait and see if af turns up if your not then i would test again. If it still gives you a bfn then i think you have to believe that your not pregnant this time! A week or ten days after af is probably to early to get pregnant but still possible. xx
  • I'm going to Tescos this afternoon so I will buy one more and then if I get a BFN then I will just wait. I don't even know what I want the result to be TBH I do want another baby but lo is only 5 months my plan was to ttc next year but I won't be upset whatever!!

    I will post later and let you know!!
  • Good luck! If its a bfp then im sure you will be fine hun!! I hope you get the result that you want xxx
  • Done the test and its a BFN- now I feel a bit disappointed and I don't even know why image maybe its just coz I had myself convinced I was.
  • Awww im sorry hun! At least you and oh can plan when you would like to have your next lo. Good luck and hope to see you on here soon. xxx
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