So excited about EWCM!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Anyone else as excited as me???

I have loads of EWCM and I am so excited because it means that hubby's swimmers will have an easy ride to my eggy!!!!!

I also got my positive OPK today! The line isn't as strong as it was last month, but its def. stronger than the control line.

I'm a bit worried as if I'm ovulating today, that means tomorrow is a good day for the fun stuff. We have visitors staying tomorrow and hubby's already made it clear it ain't gonna happen!!! (spoil sport!) So I intend to ravish him again tonight and tomorrow morning and then Sunday as soon as the visitors have gone too. Surely that's enough!!!!!

Sorry for a really TMI thread but I feel great that I can share this with you all!!!

Joo xxxxxxx


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