limboland no more....

AF found me and at the gym too... evil bloody witch!!

and to make matters worse one of my staff thinks she may be pregnant and she's on the pill - bleugh - can't believe that I'm even going to say this but I hope she isnt' - but i feel so bad for feeling that way - oh i don't know anymore.

I suppose the whole point of this forum is so we can say things that prehaps we wouldn't say outloud xx


  • Oh I'm sorry, about both things!

    I was looking at babygros and things today for some friends who are having a baby, couldn't help thinking "I wish it was me!"

    Good luck for next month image
  • Oh hunny, sorry she found u...heres to next month image

    I wouldnt worry, ttc does make u feel that way sometimes....i actually swore out loud when i saw charlotte church was pg, how sad is that lol!! xxxxxxxx
  • oh no sorry to hear she found you image

    and i can understand you feeling that way about your member of staff.

    good luck for this coming month, and lots of PMA to you xxx
  • ohh hun im sure it will be your turn soon enough!
    and i always think if its your TIME then itll happen, if shes on the pill she mite not want it!
  • Sorry she found you, she is just a total bitch! She found me this morning too, over a week late and after I got a v v faint line on FR on Sat and yesterday. Grrrr!

    I am surrounded by pg women too, they just seem to crawl out of the woodwork when you are ttc. Like cockroaches! :lol:

    Heres to August bfp's for us anyway. May is a lovely time to have a bub! xx

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  • baby bump u just made me really laugh! there are about 10 pg ladies at work and its completely torturous!
  • It always seems to be the people who want it least get it the most, but im sure your time will come. good luck for next month xx
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