really sad

hi girls sorry for depressing post but looking for some help/inspiration/guidance/buddy
feeling low about myself today-with my weight to be precise. im a size 16 which isnt huge i know but i've always struggled with my weight. ive never been skinny not in my make-up and thats fine, i love my shape just not my size, i carry most of my weight on my belly with huge muffin top, as well as some on my face and arms now, legs are fine although not as slim as they used to be. sorry for rambling. basically what deprsses me most is that i did lose a lot of weight and put it all back on. im 24, 5'8 and weight 13st 5lbs.i was 13st 7lbs 5 1/2 years ago and got down to 11st 10lbs with in 1 year after leaving home and joining gym, eating better, and when i got married 2 1/2 years ago i got down to 11st 2lbs, which at my height made me size 10-12 on top, size 12 bottoms. within a year of getting married i'd gone back up to 13st 8lbs, and then reached 13st 12lbs one year ago, ive now got 1/2 stone of making me 13st 5 but i really would like to be 11 st again. i have hundreds of clothes that are not even close to fitting me and it really depresses me. i do exercise, swimming but its my food i cant get control of, i know all about calories etc.. but i just cant put it into practice, i cant resist temptation even though i want to lose weight sooo badly, especially for having a little bean, i dont want to be huge and uncomfortable and unhealthy when im PG. just feel like i cant do it, but i have in the past i just need to get my modjo back. sorry for such a long rambling just needed to vent and i know everyone on here is really supportive. thanks girls.

a :\( siany xxx


  • hi hun, im a size 12 but im a dreaful yo yoer, some of on here have been marking down a food diary, i found before xmas it really helped me and i managed to stabilise my weight, ive probably put it all back on over xmas but as of next week im getting back in to marking it down and trying to stabilise myself again. its temptation that gets me as i know in my head what i should and shouldnt be eating. sending big hugs hun and support.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Oh honey, please dont be upset.

    Have you spoken to your other half or do you have girly friends that you can go swimming/visit gym etc with? Or hold you accountable?

    Maybe part of it is that you are down about ttc? I hope that you feel a bit better after writing it down.

    Im trying to get healthy too right now. Im overweight and i want to get healthy for having a baby too. If you ever want to come on here and talk gyms id be up for that as im telling everyone i meet that im on a healthy kick so i wont snack on rubbish infront of them!

  • Oh Siany - I hear your call - let me try to help.

    First of all, please accept my cyberhug! Secondly, please stop beating yourself up - it will only make it worse. You need to stop thinking you're bad and stop putting yourself under pressure. It's good to have an aim but often if you stress it can exacerbate the situation. You sound like you have dieted really successfully in the past and I am sure you can do it again if you want.

    I have recently lost nearly two stone. I am currently in the healthy weight range (and a size 10/12) but I am aiming to lose another 9-14 pounds over the next few months. I have also had a bad eating disorder for several years (I used to be a size 6 and weigh around 7 stone!!!) so I knew I had to do it healthily and not put too much pressure on myself.
    I woke up one morning and just decided today was the day. We'd just moved house and I'd started a new job so I decided to treat it as a whole new start. I joined a local gym (it is literally two minutes from my house) so I have no excuse at all. It's a nice gym with friendly people and staff, good equipment and loads of fun classes. It was the classes that were the making of me - they were an appointment I could not miss, they are also an hour long so my heart rate was up for that long with no slacking. I used to run a lot when I was anorexic and I slowly got back into it, but in a good way, I started running with a colleague at work in my lunch hours (on days when I knew I wouldn't be able to get the gym in the evenings). I improved my running time by ten minutes in four months!
    Is there are gym nearby that is reasonable? Could you join some classes? I often go to the classes now to see all the people who also go! Also running with my colleague is good because he tells me off when I am being lazy. Is there are a park near you so you could walk at lunchtime. Start of slowly- every little helps. I kept a diary for awhile of all my exercise, I had to do something everyday for at least 30 minutes - even if it was just a walk.
    Sorry this is turning out to be a massive post but honestly I feel like a new woman and I hope I can encourage you/support you in this too.
    I was also very strict about food - no wheat, no dairy, no alcohol. I did that for a couple of months and then eased up a bit as it really is not much fun and I love cheese and wine. I also give myself diet holidays - like when we're away for the weekend, or on hols or it's Christmas. You really enjoy all the food you have given up but it's a special occasion so it doesn't matter if you eat what you want.

    I think the thing I held onto all the time was that I wanted to be healthy, the weight loss was a bonus. I wanted to shape up for myself and my husband and lead a happy, healthy life.

    I don't want to bore you or preach so I'll stop now but this is something I am really enthusiastic about. My husband has even joined me in my new lifestyle and he is starting to feel and see the benefits. I'm happy to discuss exercise, diet etc or just give you support if that's what you need.

    All my love,
    Poz xxxx
  • I could have wrote that hunny! I'm 5'6 and 13st 3lbs! I love my shape, its gorgeous and sexy but then there's the fat on my tummy, my muffin top and flabby thighs and I hate it! I'm a size 14-16 (though I dare say probably 16 after xmas etc).

    I was supposed to start getting into shape from today and I was doing ok then OH came and sat next to me with biscuits and I know its not his fault but I had a few and felt like crap for it! Now I'm sat watching coro and telling OH that I really fancy a donalds when this morning I thoroughly intended to go on the x trainer tonight!

    My plan is to try and drink more water, exercise and set small realistic goals that are achievable, 3-5lb a month... It's easy done and also a great achievement.

    I think the most important thing is to not over indulge, still have what you fancy just have little amounts and make sure it's outweighed with 2 pieces of fruit or a pint of water!

    God I've encouraged myself there :lol: Think I'm gonna go and grab a banana!! If you want to 'buddy up' to lose weight together with us being of similar heights and weight then I would be happy to image Though you will get loads of support from the other ladies on here anyway. Good luck xx
  • thanks so much girls all of you, yea i do speak to my oh home fairy but i dont like to as its usually the cause of arguments, only becuase he is very supportive as hes been there himself, lost 4 stone, before i even met him, not he exercise 4-5 times a week and counts every calorie but we argue because for him he finds it easy to restrict himself and doesnt know why i give in to temptation if i want it so badly, partly becuase i am passionate about different foods and cooking and he is a plain english, meat potatoes and NO veg type guy lol. pozzee, thanks for the hug and well done on ur weight loss, im fine with exercise now ive found something i like, swimming, which i pay monthly for for unlimited access, its only 5 mins drive from my house, i try to go 2 x week although i wud like to go 3 times to make it more worth while both for me and the money! thanks for that angel ill look for that post. x
    broody beth what a freaky conincidence! i know what u mean, today i was like-right! gonna do it, was so good alllll day then bam, cooked some chicken for hub tomorro (he's working late-not good cuz i pick when im alone!) then i dived into some and thought oh well ive ruined it now so had a cheese sandwich andthen tucked into a box of chocs from xmas, had about 10 and felt absolutely sick! it's crazy, it is a bit of an eating disorder in itself i think cuz im not in control image id love to buddy up hun and with any others who want to. how do u want to go about it? check in with each other certain times, maybe do a weigh in post??
    thanks all so much girls just feel better reading ur kind words, wish this wasnt virtual sometimes id love to see u all and chat and give hugs lol xxxx
  • I would want to buddy up if there was any weight loss styley groups.
  • :lol: How much better would it be if we were all sat in a pub eh!

    I think we should do a bit of a weigh in, not in a competitive way as such, just a bit of self motivation for us :\) and of course, the more the merrier! I'm going to measure myself too :lol: that'll be fun! I have my measurements from last Aug so will be good to compare!

    I think we should 'pledge' to eat our 5 a day and drink as much water as poss too - these are both my bad points! As well as exercise :lol:

    I will weigh myself in the morning and post for you image

    Glad you are feeling a bit better and don't stress hunny, there's plenty of us on here in the same boat and would love to support each other xx
  • aw thanks hun, ok well i'll start the thread now if u like as i weighed this morning. the u guys can dd urs tomorrow. def up for the 5 a day and water too xxx
  • def up for the 5 a day and water too xxx

    YAY!!! You get the thread up image I think the 5 a day and water is probably the most important part. If we drink more we might feel less hungry image worth a shot anyway!! xx
  • yay okey doke hun, how old are btw if i may be so cheeky? x
  • Im 24 and im feeling very positive after all this talk of getting healthy together!!
  • yay fellow age same ppl, yay (hope i havent offended everyone else lol) im feeling much more positive now thanks girls, also got a yucky cold which im hoping is nearly over, and dh is at work so was v. lonely, feeling much better now thank u so much chickadees xxx
  • yay fellow age same ppl, yay (hope i havent offended everyone else lol) im feeling much more positive now thanks girls, also got a yucky cold which im hoping is nearly over, and dh is at work so was v. lonely, feeling much better now thank u so much chickadees xxx
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