Hey everyone im on CD 28!!

I dont no if im just been crazy and its all in my head but im gettin some really weird feelings really really low down of my abdoman, just above the pubic line! loads and loads of cm today too (sorry tmi) lol

anyone have this? or any odea what it could be?

thanks image


  • The cm sounds good for pg, as does the funny feelings!! How long is your cycle normally?!
  • yeah iv read that image let hope!! image

    normally around 32 days!

  • good luck hun! x
  • thankyouuuuuuuu! im gonna try and wait till saturday to test, if i can wait that long lol im a poas addict!!!

  • Yeah I'm having trouble myself with not poas! :lol:

    I think I might test saturday as well, that'll be CD26 for me, longest my cycle has been is 27 (except for one very obscure one which i'm not counting!) and its normally 25...eeek, so excited and promised I wouldn't get like this!!!

  • its so hard not to do!!

    that sounds really good though hun! il keep everything crossed for you image

    i just worked out if i were pregnant this month my due date would be 31st december!! how cool is that? image

  • I think mine would be around 2nd Jan, which feels like so far away being next year! But then again my first lo was 4 days early so you never know!!

    Ahhh, stop it!! You're making me more broody & I want to poas more!!!! image
  • awwww it would be lovely! both my 2 sisters have 3 children and all 6 of them were born about a week early!

    lol sorry love! dont get the urge!!


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