When is the best time to test?

I just can't wait to test this month, only month 1 of ttc but hope its my month....Think I am due AF 22/11 so not sure how soon I can test

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  • the early response tests say they can tell you 5 days before your missed AF, though the longer you can wait the better really as the hormones will be stronger and you will get a more definite yes or no.
    Good luck hun, hope it's your month (and mine!!) xx
  • Hi Ladies

    i was wondering the same thing, 5 days before AF is due sounds good but just one little issue, i dont know when AF is due as cycles have been all over the place since coming off the pill.

    baby dust to all, hoping, wishing and praying that this is our month girls! xx xxx
  • i would say not until AF is late,your due a more accurate test then and no chem pregnancy!!!!

    sorry i no im a spoil sport but too many ladies have been getting the by testing early xxxx
  • I would wait until AF is late too - I must admit that i do occasionally use my cheapy Amazon HPT before my AF is due, but I don't think these are particularly good anyway, it just keeps me occupied and with a little bit of hope that I may be pregnant until my AF comes so it's kind've a buffer - getting me ready for AF, but also lets me think 'Well they're cheap so may not be very good'! I'm saving my Superdrug and CB ones for when AF is late (roll on Friday...)
  • thanks for your responses girls - I really do hope this is our month!!!! I have bought some cheap tests from ebay which say you can test 7 days after conception, but I think I am going to wait until I am late for AF....I think I might get myself a CBD test as the cheap ones are probably rubbish.

    Baby dust to all xx
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