help with dates! sorry it is slightly confusing!

I had a very early miscarriage at 5 weeks on 30th Oct! I had bloods taken on 6th nov and hormone level was either 50 or 5 can't quite remeber which one! Had no other bleeding since 31st oct except for ver very light spotting on 22nov (last sun) it was only when I wipped and pink as opposed to red! We are actively TTC and was just wondering if this was too early for an implantation bleed and also when should I test at the very earliest? Please help! Xxx


  • Hi Becky_Lou,
    What cd was 31st Oct?
    Guessing here, but if 22nd Nov was implantation (which is roughly 7-12dpo) and you had a 14day lf then you'd be around 11-17dpo now. I guess you could test now (assuming you could be up to 17dpo) but the longer you leave it the more chance you'll pick a bfp up on a test.
    Hope I've got that right xxx
  • Hi Becky_Lou, sorry to hear about your loss.

    When did your first AF arrive after your miscarriage? xx
  • I didn't have one! Doctor told me it was a chemical pregnancy so to expect my period as normal! My last period was 20th oct then bleed on 30th with miscarriage! Not had a period since! Xxx
  • Hmmm I can see why you're confused... you could test now but maybe it would be better to wait a few days, like MrsFozz says it could be too early. It depends how desperate you are to test really and how you'd feel about a bfn early! Best of luck and hope this is it for you xx
  • Sorry about the mc ((hug))
    Good Luck Hope u get your BFP xx

    Month 16 TTC #2
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