Found it!!

Found my pma again today, and I have boosted it with all the pma you lovely ladies gave me yesterday, so now I have lots!

I woke up feeling nauseous, but all the other 'cold' symptoms have gone so I am feeling more optimistic now that its not a bug!

Good luck and sticky babydust to all, and roll on Tuesday! image xxx



  • Thank you! I need some PMA so I really appreciate it...
    Good luck for Tuesday...
  • Fingers crossed babybump!!

    Sprinkling sticky babydust all over you!
  • Oh thats great news BB4!!! Again, sounds very promising!!

    I have had really low, period type cramps all night and for some of today (when I have been awake) but still no sign of A....yet. I have POAS as my new supply came through today and I'm 99.9% sure that its a BFN (10 or 11 DPO) but I could swear that there is a shadowing where the test line should be (prior to the 10 minute test time)??!? Hmmm, not sure on that one, may well be my brain trying to trick me into it as its not coloured just literally a shadow - desperation me thinks, the term "clutching at straws" comes to mind. My bbs are quite sore at the mo, and that does sometimes happen prior to AF and my skin is starting to clear up again by the looks of things - could be due to all the alcohol gel I have applied though!!!


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  • Thanx everyone!!! image

    MrsS, your symptoms sound really promising!! Those af crampy pains have been reported by lots on here who go on to get their bfp! And the sore bb's too? And most of all a possible line!!!!!! As its still so early dpo, it could well be that there was not quite enough hormone to give a definite dark line! What time did you test? As you have been sleeping today I take it you were working last night? that could have made the line weaker too!

    Ooooh Im getting all excited for you now!! Are you planning on testing again tomorrow or leaving it another day to give the hormone a chance to double?

    Good luck hunny!! *********babydust************

    Keep us posted!!!

  • Hi BB4,

    STOP IT - you are giving me hope, I was expecting you to say "the shadow is probably evaporation line"!!! :lol: My mind is running away with its self already, this TTC malarky is making me so irrational! I would love to say that I will wait until friday to test again, as it usually takes a day or 2 for AF to kick in full flow, but if I still havent started showing by tomorrow, then I will probably give in and test again - seeing as I have like 30!!!! :lol: - naughty me, thought I would be prepared for the months to come, hehe.

    Yeah, I was working last night, last one tonight then I have to do mega housework tomoz as I have the in-laws coming down at the weekend, and I'm off out on a girlie night on Friday, cant wait!

    Saw hubby this morning briefly and said I had cramps, needed paracetamol, he said "oh, have you come on now then", and when I said no, not yet, he had this coy grin on his face - thought I had already thrown him off the scent so to speak!!! All this is just fuelling my obsession and plunging me further into the depths of my TTC insanity - white coat anyone?!?

  • glad to hear your pma is full today and that you're 'cold' has disappeared!! Fingers crossed for Tues!
  • really pleased your PMA is topped up image image

    good luck hun my fingers are crossed xxxxxxxxxxx
  • image Thanx dg and mrs_e! Your pma donation really helped me out of the blues! ;\) Im still really nervous about testing on Tuesday tho, and have been thinking about putting it off. But I cant back out now as I've made a poas pact with MrsRichardson and beanz to test on the 1st! EEEK! image xx

    MrsS, good luck with the inlaws and housework. Urgh, I HATE housework! :evil: I didnt say it was an evap line as it doesnt sound like one! dont think evap lines appear b4 the apptd time is up? image

    TEST AGAIN TOMORROW! Go on, do it! :lol: You have all those tests just lying there waiting to do the job they were created for, you cant disapoint them! :lol: And besides, if its a bfp, they will go out of date b4 you need them again for your next one! image

    Hope work goes well tonight, and have a good time on Friday! dont forget to tell me how you get on with your test tomorrow! image xxx

  • Well....

    Its 4am and I only have four hours left of my night shift, Im on my break and boy it has been busy!!!

    BB4 - you are such a bad influence, but I like it!!!!:lol: I probably will POAS today, but will probably have to wait until after I have woken up this afternoon to get some kind of FMU. Boobs have got really sore now, I seem to have lost my appetite (very unlike me, cant eat more than a few mouthfuls at the mo), still no sign whatsoever of AF and thats about it for the moment :\?

    Thing is, last time I was late, when I had the copper coil in, I had all the same symptoms, and by the time the friday came (AF 2 days late) I had loads (and I mean absolutely copious amounts) of stringy, yellowy tinged CM (sorry, TMI). To this day, I wonder if it was some kind of pregnancy though, it was very odd, had BFN on pregnancy test though as GP advised me to do one, and then about 2 hours later AF arrived full flow. It was very odd, just worried that it may happen again, whatever it was :\?

    Think Im trying to rationalise my thought processes - and therefore assumed that the obvious answer re: the test "shadow" would be a evap line - either that or desperation "in your head" line!!! image

    How is your nausea coming along BB4? Cant believe you only have 5 days till testing, you are so strong willed!!! We must be 11/12DPO right?? Do you think that its too early to pick up on an hCG? Have you picked up on any other symptoms?

    Throwing heaps more PMA to you as I seem to have boosted mine with the absence of AF image
  • Morning/afternoon MrsS, (depending on when you surface :lol: )

    Have you poas yet????? Its sounding soo promising for you image I have my fingers so tightly crossed the nails are turning blue! Cant wait to see your bfp post! image

    As for last time you were late with these symptoms, maybe it was an early pg but the coil prevented it implanting properly. I dont think the hcg is given off until its implanted (could be wrong on that but think its the case) so that could explain the neg hpt. And I have read loads on here where ladies have not had a pos on hpt for quite a few days after af due.

    As for my nausea, its still here. And this morning I was struggling to drink my coffee. I usually have 2 b4 I feel human, but I only managed half of my first mug. I just wasnt enjoying it :roll: And I usually have toast for brekkie, but today the thought turned my stomach and all I could think about was Crunchy Nut cornflakes! :lol: I needed petrol anyway so used that as an excuse to go to the garage and pick some up! :lol:

    I cant believe I only have 5 days either! EEEEK! Getting nervous about it now. I know of at least 2 on here who got a pos hpt at about 8/9 dpo, so I would think that 11/12 dpo shoul be fine.

    tons of luck and babydust for your testing time later! image xx

  • Morning! Had to get up to go get my hep B booster, Im sooooo tired!!!

    POAS this am, and again, same thing within the 10 minute time frame, a shadow, only this time, when I have gone back to have a look at it, it is definately darker this morning - maybe it is just evap??? Tried another one since and it seems to be inconclusive....

    Still no AF, boobs still hurting, appetite still not right, but thats about as far as the symptoms go for me at the mo.

    Definately a good sign that you couldnt drink your coffee - listen to your body though!!! image Its so weird that you have all these really strong symptoms but then I just have these vague ones and the absence of AF?!?! Our bodies are very strange things....

    Hope you enjoyed your crunchy nuts!!!! :lol:

  • Hey ladies, bb4, so glad to hear that you're full of pma again...let me know whenever you need some more again ok? As MrsS said, it sounds extremely promising.

    MrsS, good luck hun...I hope AF stays away for you.

    Lots of babydust to you ladies.

  • Hi mrsS, I think a line on TWO tests on TWO seperate days is a pretty strong sign! I dont think evap lines get darker, from what I have heard they are silvery/pale greyish and stay pale!!! So as it got darker I think its a for-real line! (and in the unlikely event that it does turn out to be evap on both, I think a very strong worded letter to the test manufacturers would be in order!!!) OOOH how exciting! image xx

    Hi Nat! *waves* How's things in Oz? It might interest you to know that it has pi$$ed down with rain here ALL day today! Typical British summer weather! :evil: Go on, tell me that its been a GLORIOUSLY HOT AND SUNNY winters day down there! :x :lol: xx

    5 more sleeps until test day. And counting! image

    (BTW, my crunchy nuts were very tasty thanks! :lol: )

  • ooooh bb4 your symptoms are sounding very good indeed. my fingers are crossed for you!!!
    (and good luck mrsS as well!)
  • Thanx mrs_e image

    errrm, WTF is going on with my ticker??? It seems to have taken it upon itself to change how many days I have left to test! :\?

  • Your ticker is obviously ahead of itself BB4!!! Is it set to UK time??

    I have tested again this morning but it is still a very very faint and thin line - hubby could just see it but asked if it was there prior to doing the test?!? NO IT WAS NOT!!! LOL. The tests I have are the 10miu (sp??) ones so I would have thought that 2 days late (12DPO), it would be picking it up by now??? I am starting to doubt this now, maybe I have convinced my body to hold off AF for a few days?? I really didnt think that I was focusing on it that much though, certainly havent been "stressing" about it... Oh, and my ticker no longer works as it has gone back to the begining now so is reading day 2, BUT IT ISNT YET!!!! :lol:

    Just wish I knew one way or another, this is so frustrating. I'm out with the girls tonight - do I drink despite the uncertainty? Or do I abstain have people questioning why, only for AF to arrive anyway and make me feel a fool?!?

    Anyway, enough about me! How are your symptoms coming along BB4 and mrs_richardson? Crunchy nuts again this morning??? The weather is shameful at the moment, cant believe we are nearly in July!

    I hope you both have more joy than I have! *MrsS1258 waves sombrely goodbye to her diminshing PMA*

  • AAh, aint over until AF shows...I insist you get your PMA back this you have a FR or CB that you can use?

  • Hi Nat,

    See my post titled "Advice Please - Update"

    Thanks hun

    How are you feeling today? Whats the weather like? Where in Oz are you anyway?

  • Hey , just read your other post...had a bit of a giggle with the experiment image I'm feeling better than waht I did yesterday...just been hit with another wave of nausea....had one earlier too when I was at the shops again...walked past the meat section and couldn't stand it...

    Weather is perfect..another 29 deg...We're in Western Oz, in a place called Karratha which is north of Perth...

  • Im so jealous of you right now!!! I went to Oz a couple of years ago, got engaged out there at the Guillaume Bennelong restaurant at the Sydney Opera House. Loved Australia, although we only saw the East coast, would love to emigrate too!

    The nausea, however unpleasant, sounds very promising. Thats one thing I havent really had, other than yesterday and the day before as my appetite had gone, so was probably cos I was hungry!!! image

    When are you due to test?

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