I feel like a right WUSS today!!

Good morning ladies,

I just need to rant - so feel totally free to R&R!

No idea what's wrong with me today - feeling like I've got the worst PMT I've ever had ... I literally want to stab one of my team for being a total knobhead (although in reality I know he is just trying to further his career) ... I'm completely paranoid about him trying to usurp my position here - even though I've been here 15 years, and him only 2 LOL ..

I almost burst into tears at the thought of losing a job I've made my own LOL - what a WUSS !!!

AF is due this weekend so I'm putting it down to that - even though the feelings are much more intense ... and my boobs feel like lead...and my nipples actually hurt to touch (tmi sorry) ... and I woke up at 4am and couldn't settle back to sleep ... and as you can tell I'm feeling sorry for myself LOL ..

GOD that feels good getting it out of my head!



  • Poor you!!! Hope your day improves.
    Fingers crossed for great news at the weekend!
  • Hey Shirls, I've been in a terrible mood the last couple of days as well, can't sleep properly either - keep waking up and can't get comfy. Just want to lie on my stomach and my boobs are too sore!! :lol:

    So you never know, it could be a good sign for both of us - just stay away from SD!!! Good luck for the weekend xxx
  • My day has improved slightly - in that it ends in just over an hour LOL. I just dont think certain men like having a younger female boss!!

    LOL - SD is the enemy for the next 3 days - just got to keep telling myself that!!

    Thanks for replying lovelies - it's so nice to be able to vent in a place where I know the rantings can be recognised and soothed LOL.

    Fingers crossed for us all!

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