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Hi everyone, just a quick question...

Of those of you that use a CBFM how long from getting your peak is it before your AF arrives? This is only the second month on using mine, the first month it was 14days exactly, but this month on day 16 and nothing....! Obviously my hopes are high but after 20months of bitter dissapointment I can't face looking at another BFN hence why I haven't tested yet, it might be that there is no set amount of time, I just don't know...? :\? Could the CBFM have got my OV days wrong??


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  • Hi Hun,

    I only used my CBFM for 2 months before getting my BFP so only had 1 month of measuring time between Peak and AF and it was 14days. The time between OV and AF should always be the same for you but may vary person to person if that makes sense. Your cycle length can vary but it is due to what day you OV - your LP should always be the same.

    If yours was 14 days last cycle it should be this one too..

    I was TTC for 17months and got my BFP on month 2 of CBFM so if you got your peak 14days ago or more then your AF is late and if you are pg you would probably get your BFP now at 16dpo!

    Oh and the CBFM wouldn't have got your days wrong... Your peak would have def been OV.

    Good luck xx
  • Thanks for the reply hun, although now I feel sick wondering if we might have actually done it!! Might just have to face my fear and to a test in the morning.....although if it's another BFN I have no idea what is going on with my body!! We're currently 13weeks away from starting IVF so it would be amazing it's happened! x
  • Sounds like you have been through a lot and it would be just magical if you could have your BFP naturally before your IVF is due!

    If your peak was 16days ago and last month there was 14days between the peak and AF then it is certainly looking good for you and CBFM was lucky for me month 2 so maybe it will be for you too!

    Good luck, make sure you let us know xx
  • Sounds very promising hunny, fingers crossed for you

  • it sounds good honey.

    x x x
  • Did you test hun? x
  • Sure did!! Big Fat blummin Positive!!! 2-3weeks!! So excited - 2 months must be a lucky number with the CBFM! xxx
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