Smear question!!

I am booked into have my smear on Monday and I am currently in the dreaded 2 ww!

Do you think it would be ok to have it done? I think af will be weds or Thursday next week!



  • hey mrs jc i have no idea about that, hmmmmm maybe you should just advise them when your there that you are ttc and check if it should be okay? im 24 and when i went the docs last year to ask when i wud have a smear they said they would call for me when i was 25 unless iv had any problems!! so iv never had one, xxx
  • i would ring and check to see what they say rather than wait till the appointment as they may want to give it to someone else if you can't have it x
  • I googled it. And it says not too. Think I'll cancel and rearrange it if/when af shows up!

    Thanks girls!!
  • Yes apparentley. It can give abnormal results when it's actually clear! I'm going to rearrange mine when af arrives!!!!

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