Hi I'm new to this board, a Newlywed & ttc.

I just wanted to introduce myself and I look forward to sharing experiences and hopefully happy news along the way!

L x


  • Hi, welcome to the site. It can be a bit addictive! Good luck, hope you get a bfp really soon. xx
  • Hi Lou
    congrats on getting married.
    welcome to the wonderful world of TTC. you 'll like it here. probably end up totally addicted like the rest of us. lol.
    everyones really nice here and always help out with advice etc.

  • Thanks for the welcome ladies! I've been on a wedding forum for a while that has a 'baby section' and many of us are ttc, one of the girls recommended this site.
    My current situation is: AF is one week late based on 28 day cycle, had 3 BFN, so putting the lateness and 'symptoms' I felt I might be having, to my body recovering from 12 years on the pill. Very easy to get your hopes up though I find!!
    L xx
  • hiya and welcome to our mad poas obssessive world!!! congrats on your marriage and ttc, it is so easy to get your hopes up and syptom spotting can drive you totally mad!!! good luck and looking forward to chatting xx
  • Hi xlouloubelle, I've bumped the agnus castus thread for you x
  • Hi and welcome to the site, everyone on here is fab and lovely and i'm sure you'll get to know us all some. Some have been on here ages like me and others are newbies but we're all cyber friends so good luck ttc.
  • Hi, beware this site is highly addictive! good luck ttc
  • hello and welcome! congrats on the wedding and welcome to the mad world of ttc. look forward to getting to know you xx
  • Hi & welcome louloubelle, i've also recently come off the pill after 12 years too, not really sure whats going on with my cycle either at the mo :roll: its good to chat to other people on here who have experienced similar things though, stops me worrying quite as much!

    Good luck ttc, speak to you soon, Caroline xxx
  • Welcome - I was on pill for 10 years and my cycles have been 40 and 48 days so far. Your body could very well be playing up after the pill xx
  • Hi and congrats im newly wed too 4 weeks ago, got my honeymoon next sun.
    ttc site is ace everyone very nice and offer loadsa helpful advice. goodluck hunny hope you get bfp soon xx
  • Thanks so much ladies! Hi Mrs Takers, yes I'm xlouloubelle on YAYW too! It's addictive!
    AF arrived on Sunday BTW :\(

    L xx
  • Hi there and welcome to the site. The girls here are great and it's nice to know others are going through the same thing.

    All the best and hoping you get your BFP very soon
    K xx


  • Hi xlouloubelle - just wanted to say welcome from a YAYW'er image Fingers crossed for positive news next month (and lots of fun trying in the meantime).

    Floating lots of baby dust your way!!!

    Ally x
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