Af has arrived....anyone at cd1?

Hey ladies,

Hows everyone doing? Well i'm on CD1...and i'm ready & raring 4 this month to be my month!!! (9th month ttc) at the begining of my 2ww i thought i'd done it....but realised that again i hadn' time to brush myself down and start cyle seems to be getting shorter by a day each month, the last 4 months have been: 30,28,27 and this is month 26. For the past 3 months i have been ov on cd10-11ish (so at least i haven't got too long to wait)

Feel quite excited that i've pressed my M button on my cbfm (my 2nd month) and i've got my pre-seed lets see what August will bring?

Any one else on CD1?



  • Hi Lianne, I am joining you! This will be our first official month of trying (July we were accidently on baby watch after an over amourous weekend hehe). But this month we are all geared up for trying. Fingers crossed for us all!!!
  • sorry she got you, i am on CD3 so just a bit infront also armed with my CBFM

    good luck honey x
  • Hi Laura, glad your joining me...good luck huniimage

    Piggypops - let me know how you get on...yup my m button was pressed this morning...kinda keeps me going lol xxx
  • sorry to hear af got you, keeping my fingers crossed for you august is a lucky month image xx
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