CD 43 Feels like AF is coming & constant wet feeling!

CD 43 *Testing Tomorrow*

Hello image

Im on CD 43 and the past couples of days ive been constantly feeling wet (tmi) told hubby and he thinks its hilarious (only thinks about sex) and i obviously dont find it hilarious LOL, its bugging me so much i have to keep checking in the toilet to see if its my AF thats arrived but its never there.
Ive been having cramping/back ache on and off past few days too, but this morning before i went to work i felt proper AF pains, been so worried, was close to texting the hubby telling him its all over but still nothing and ive been having the same pains on and off most of the day.
Not really had much nausea but did feel quite sick around 8am, it passed eventually by about 10:30, so of course i couldnt eat breakfast coz i felt so crappy i just had a drink. im not at work till 2pm tomorrow so ill wake up tomorrow and see how i feel around that time.

I know the wet feeling is pretty normal but is the AF type pain to the point that you think you can feel it starting to leave the body normal?



  • Hi hun,

    I just wanted to wish you good luck for testing how many dpo are you?

    It sounds really positive and I really hope you get your BFP hun

  • Hi SD,

    As far as im concerned I ovulated around the 26th of december so it doesnt really make sense to me that i didnt get a line till after the 10 minute mark unless i didnt look properly. But still the CBD should of at least picked it up.
    Unless i ovulated later but i had nausea all day on the 26th so thats why i was convinced it was then.
    Well its all down to tomorrows result i guess.

  • Hi
    I caved this morning and got another BFN using a tesco test.
    I'm also getting the "wet" feeling - but nothing much else in the way of symptoms.

    Wishing you lots of Baby Dust for tomorrow morning - try not to drink much liquid tonight so your FMU is as strong as poss!
  • Hi ct,

    Sorry to hear you got a BFN, Ive not heard much about tesco tests but have you tried Superdrug ones? How sensitive are tescos?.
    I was just told to wait a few days see if my AF arrives and if it doesnt turn up and im still getting symptoms, then i should test.
    Wait a few days and see what happens.......
    I bet im gonna get a BFN too, feels like ages since i use the CBD and it was only yesterday morning.

    Ill try my hardest not to drink too much fluid but im really thirsty tonight. :S

    I'll keep you posted.

  • Hi MPP
    Read you other post - sorry its still a BFN.

    I've started to get the brown mucus this morning (TMI sorry) which is a sure sign AF is on her way. Gutted, but I can now make an appt to get a blood test this month to check if I'm actually ovulating.

    Been shopping with OH and got a CBFM too - so feel alot more positive.

    As sparkling diamond says in her post on your other thread, if you don't get AF by Monday go and get a blood test at the doctors - it will give you peace of mind at least!

    There have been posts on here about ladies who have never had a BFP but went on to have healthy babies - that could be you so you've got to keep the PMA going.

  • Hi CTB,

    Yeah deep down i knew it was going to be a BFN, just got home from work hoping there was at least another line that turned up but nothing. Evap is still showing clearly on the other test. Ive still kept it lol, feels good seeing a line!

    SS about your AF on the way. ill trade you, ill have the AF and you can have my late AF. lol
    I may invest in a CBFM, how much are they? Ive had a peek at the leaflet which came with the CBD so i might get one.

  • Got mine from Boots for ??99 (had some vouchers to spend there)
    But there are some on ebay going for around ??50-60 I think
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